Nothing like this has ever happened on Lake Balaton! Yoga on a huge catamaran


On May 31, 2023, we can get away from the noise of everyday life. Rocking on the waters of Lake Balaton, you can practice yoga on board the Badacsony catamaran. This time only the yogis will be on the boat. During the program, we can swim in the light of the Balaton sunset between asanas, and then quiet our minds with guided relaxation.

The idea behind the event is Edina Biró-Palotás from Siófok, Sió-Heal studio manager, certified trainer and yoga instructor. We asked him about the details.

The first Yoga on board program was launched based on the idea of ​​yoga instructor Edina Biró-Palotás from Siófok
Photo: Biró-Palotás Edina – official

– I think that no one has ever seen so many people doing yoga at the same time on a catamaran traveling on Lake Balaton. Where did the idea come from?
– As a girl from Siófok, I always felt a special connection to Lake Balaton. Even as a child, the sight calmed me down, and ever since then, on the beach, I always get a feeling that I’ve “reached home”, that I’m exactly where I need to be. For years, I have been leading practices on the shores of Lake Balaton and on SUP boards, but now we can venture even further into the water. I am always looking for new opportunities, I try to organize quality programs for my guests in the studio, in Sió-Heal, and outside. I approached the specialists of Balatoni Hajózási Zrt. with the idea, and luckily they were very open about the program, the preparations for the event went smoothly.

“What type of yoga will it be?” What can be known about it?
– Basically, you can count on spinal yoga practice spiced up with a little flowing flow. Spine yoga is a so-called applied yoga trend, I usually say that it is actually an Eastern remedy for the “diseases” of the West. Due to our lifestyle, I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

“Can we hear some details?” What is special about the program?
– For yoga, you only need yourself and maybe a mat, you can practice almost anywhere, every occasion is special. No two yoga sessions are the same, because our current physical and mental state is reflected in our movements. It’s not every day that we get to practice on board a ship. I believe that the location and the unique Balaton sunset make the program even more unique.

Yoga practice takes place on board the Badacsony catamaran on May 31
Photo: Bahart – official

– In the past and now you regularly organize waterside yoga classes. Why is this good, how do you feel during it?
– It’s hard to put into words, it’s a bit like when you’re walking in the forest, in addition to the feeling of freedom, a kind of peace and quiet harmony pervades every part of you. There is always air on the shore and on the water, there is a slight breeze, somehow it is easier to breathe and exist.

– Back to the event called Yoga on board. Can beginners also participate?
– Absolute. We call it yoga practice for a reason. There are no perfect asanas (postures and poses known for thousands of years), everyone works with their own feelings and their own limits. I show a way, everyone comes as far as they can at that moment, and of course I always offer simplifications and alternatives for a particular pose. It is important not to beat yourself up when using these, as the body learns from everything and uses everything. The toolbox of yoga is huge, everyone follows their own path during their development.

– Can men and families also go on the ship to do yoga?
– In general, we can say that men’s muscles are tighter. Yoga asanas strengthen and stretch the muscles at the same time, and we put a lot of emphasis on mobilization (increasing joint mobility), which is why it is especially recommended for them. I think it’s a great community program, and since it’s not age-related, it can be a lasting joint experience for the whole family.

– How is the event going?
– On Wednesday, May 31, we will meet at 18:45 at the port of Siófok, where the ship will depart and arrive here. Upon arrival, we hand over the sports t-shirts, which are both a souvenir and a useful gift, and then everyone takes their place on board. The essential oil attunement is followed by the practice, which is concluded with relaxation. After that, there will also be an opportunity to smell, and those who are open to it can learn about doTERRA essences, which I also use, and we also welcome participants with refreshments.

Splashing water, sunset and peace during yoga in Siófok
Photo: Biró-Palotás Edina – official

– How should the participants eat before it? And what should they take with them?
– Roughly 2-3 hours before, we should preferably not eat, or only have a light snack. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement, bring a sweater for relaxation, and definitely bring a yoga mat with you.

– Why is it worth doing yoga? What effect does stress have on our lives?
– I think it’s no coincidence that as health awareness has become more and more focused, yoga has become more and more popular, it’s almost become a fashion. In addition to physical activity (an extremely effective shape-shaping form of exercise due to its own bodyweight exercises), its effect on the psyche and soul is also indisputable. This is also what I wanted to convey with the name of the studio (Sió-Heal): a place where body and soul can recharge together. Breathing exercises performed during yoga bring the body into harmony and calm the mind. I trust that “Yoga on board” will be a success. And if there is an opportunity, I would definitely like to regularize it. I would be very happy if it became a Balaton tradition.

Opening photo: Biró-Palotás Edina – official

Yoga on board

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Yoga on board

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