Kisses, baby showers: be careful, several deadlines have changed!

Kisses, baby showers: be careful, several deadlines have changed!
Kisses, baby showers: be careful, several deadlines have changed!

Families living with home-building subsidies have found themselves in an easier situation, several relaxations regarding the deadlines have recently come into effect. The real estate broker Duna House discussed with the financial experts of Credipass what deadlines are worth paying attention to – they also shared their findings with

Baby shower

  • The deadline for applying for the babysitting subsidy, the loan, has been extended Until December 31, 2024 can be requested, with the same conditions as before.
  • Following the disbursement of the loan in the first 5 yearsif the first child is not born, the amount of support used until then Within 120 daysmust be repaid in one sum.
  • After the birth of the child Within 180 days the child’s birth certificate, residential address card and tax certificate must be presented to the credit institution. This deadline also applies to the notification of fetal death and the decision authorizing adoption. Not only the proof of eligibility, but also the application for suspension of repayment can be submitted during this period, which is a significant relief compared to the previous 60 days.
  • If a child is born after signing the loan agreement in the first 5 yearsthen the loan will be interest-free until the end of the term, and the monthly repayment will be for 3 years can be suspended.
  • After the second child is 12 weeks pregnant, 30 percent of the outstanding capital debt is waived, as well as another for 3 years repayment can be paused.
  • If the family has a third child, the credit will be terminated.


  • In May of this year, the government decree regulating the conditions of the CSOK was also amended.
  • From the date of disbursement of the CSOK for 10 years it is expected that the applicants and their children live in the property in question.
  • After the grant has been disbursed Within 90 days you must establish a residential address in the property and prove this to the bank with a residential address card.
  • From July 1, 2023 an important change takes effect. The Treasury will mandatorily check the fact of moving in, i.e. you no longer have to go to our bank for this reason.
  • There are cases when the applicant is exempted from complying with the deadline for establishing a residential address. The child does not have to register at the property if he temporarily lives at a different address due to his studies.
  • Parents and their children can temporarily live at a different address if the parent lives in a service apartment provided free of charge due to his work. However, the conditions must be fulfilled if the mentioned situations cease.
  • As with the baby waiting room, here too instead of the previous 60 days for 90 days the deadline for submitting the relevant documents after the birth of the child was extended. This amendment has been valid since May 13, 2023, also for previous applications.

Village kiss

  • We can also count on changes at the village CSOK from the 1st of July.
  • At the village CSOK for modernization, the deadline available for completing the works 3 to 4 years rise. The new deadline also applies to upgrades that are already underway.
  • It is also worth knowing that, as part of the family protection action plan, for eligible families after children, part of the principal debt of their existing home loan and certain discretionary mortgage loans can be waived or reduced as state support.
  • That is, if several children are planned, it may be worthwhile to carefully assess the support options, families will receive significant help. After the birth of the second child, HUF 1 million, HUF 4 million more after the arrival of the third child, and HUF 1 million each for all additional children will be waived from the capital debt of the existing home mortgage loan for the debtors.
  • It is also important to observe the deadlines here: after the birth or adoption of children Within 60 days the application can be submitted to the government office.

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