Twitter couldn’t take it, it crashed during the Republican presidential candidate’s live broadcast

Twitter couldn’t take it, it crashed during the Republican presidential candidate’s live broadcast
Twitter couldn’t take it, it crashed during the Republican presidential candidate’s live broadcast

However, the interest was not to the extent that would have justified the spectacular sunburn.

The next presidential election in the United States will be held next November, but due to the size of the country, the campaign machines of the individual candidates are already starting to rev up roughly a year and a half before the voting.

The currently-incumbent Democrat President Joe Biden has already indicated that he will contest for the post again, this is a common practice on the part of the party that gave the currently reigning president. Although Biden may still have challengers, the incumbent is traditionally the candidate.

The situation is more interesting on the Republican side, which is already preparing an advertising film produced with artificial intelligence for the campaign. In 2020, Biden gained a significant margin of more than seven million votes over Trump, who piled on scandal after scandal, which in the American electoral system meant that with 74 more electoral votes, Biden became the 46th president of the USA, with an electoral result of 306-232 .

Trump has already indicated that he would run for the presidency again next year, and in addition to him, there are at least eight people in and around the conservative party who have also indicated their intention to run. In addition, there are five other possible candidates, but their departure is far from certain at this point.

Trump’s main opponent will be the current governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. The conservative politician performed unexpectedly well during last year’s midterm elections, strengthening his position against Trump. After the Trump presidency, which was full of oddities, there are many people on the Republican side who have become disillusioned with the loud-mouthed reality star, and DeSantis, who gives the impression of a significantly more professional politician, who promises a more hard-line policy than Trump in many ways – and presumably less scandals – may be an attractive candidate for them.

In a surprising move, the governor of Florida did not announce on one of the US TV channels covering the entire continent that he was running for the presidency, but instead – at the urging of Elon Musk – he decided to present himself to the voters in the framework of a live Twitter event, a so-called Twitter Space. make the big announcement.

However, the devil of technology played a nasty joke on the politician after the broadcast, which began with about 600,000 viewers, ended abruptly. Elon Musk later wrote that more than 700,000 people were actually interested in DeSantis’ announcement. They would have been, because many people reported sound errors and outages, but there were also those whose Twitter app crashed. The broadcast was interrupted several times before Twitter’s technicians restarted the live stream after about 25 minutes of struggle. By now, however, there was no sign of the crowd of six hundred thousand, there were roughly forty thousand there at the start, which later crept up to around one hundred thousand. By way of comparison, a TV channel with national coverage could have easily reached 7-8 million viewers.

David Sacks, the moderator of the discussion, tried to make a joke when he said that so many people were interested in what DeSantis had to say that Twitter’s servers couldn’t handle it. There is truth in this, as many people blame Elon Musk for starting aggressive reorganization after the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, which, among other things, entailed a significant reduction of the background infrastructure.

By the way, Sacks didn’t shy away from spreading some fake news in the awkward situation when he claimed that DeSantis’ audience was the largest group of people ever to gather online. This is not true even if we add up all the viewing data: the rapper Travis Scott gave a virtual concert in the Fortnite game in 2020, which 12 million people were curious about. For example, Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joked that Twitter Spaces had more viewers when she played Among Us online.

However, the most beautiful trolling was done by the team managing US President Joe Biden’s Twitter, who published a link to donate to Biden’s campaign after the stuttering DeSantis speech. The only thing they wrote in the tweet was: this link works.

And literal presidential trolling has even won the favor of Elon Musk, who is not sympathetic to the Democrats.

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