After 19 years, Hungarian men’s gold was born again

After 19 years, Hungarian men’s gold was born again
After 19 years, Hungarian men’s gold was born again

After nineteen years, Hungary once again has an adult men’s bench press world champion: Géza Kubatov won a gold medal in the 105 kilogram category in Sun City, South Africa. Erika Salamon (57 kg) won a gold medal as a masters 2 age group competitor in the adult category.

Géza Kubatov, world champion in South Africa (Photo: Facebook, Hungarian Powerlifting Association)

The last time a Hungarian male competitor stood on the highest step of the podium was in 2004, when László Mészáros won.

Kubatov became the first with the Hungarian record, which is now 227.5 kilograms, the Hungarian Powerlifting Association announced on Thursday.

Erika Salamon won the gold medal in the women’s masters 2 age category in the adult category among the 57 kilos. The two-time World Games participant Ágnes Szabó (+84 kg) was also close to the final success, in the end she won a silver medal and finished third in the absolute category.

Kornél Schauer was able to stand on the highest step of the podium in the masters 1 and János Cserna in the m2 age group, the former among the 120 and the latter among the +120 kilogrammes. The president of the Hungarian Powerlifting Association, Lóránd Beke, also competed in the m1 category and finally improved his best of last year by 10 kilos, placing fourth with 175 kilos.

Susa Olivér also won in the juniors’ 105 kg weight group.

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