An embarrassing rumor spread about Peti Marics and his new girlfriend


Peti Marics managed to upset the moods of his fans again, this time with a single clip. In an innocent post, the singer of ValMar shared that the latest song and the accompanying video will be released on Thursday afternoon, but this time also featuring his alleged new girlfriend. The relationship between Gyopár Marics and Gyopár Kovács is already an open secret among colleagues and acquaintances, and the rumors have obviously also reached the fans, who believe that the romance between the young people is certain. The only thing they cannot accept is that history repeats itself, i.e. Andi’s place was quickly passed to Gyopár.

Did Gyopár Kovács really take over the role of Andi Tóth? (Photo: Bors / Instagram)

The situation is only aggravated by the fact that some people do not even doubt that the song that is being released now was actually written for Andi, just like the roles in the music video. Ergo, according to the plans, Peti would have accompanied the retired singer to the altar instead of Gyopár…

“In this clip, Gyopár took over Andi’s role! Peti wrote this song for her. It’s so cute that now her other love is taking over, with the same lyrics. It should have been with a foreign girl. Or do emotions not matter so much to Peti? Then that’s a big problem…” – said a disappointed fan under Peti’s photo, who also started a tsunami of comments.

This song is about Andi, yet the new girlfriend is in the music video. Interesting…

“It was said that Peti wrote this to Andi, and now Gyopár is next to him. How is that?” – were written, and others also noted that Gyopár’s appearance in the new music video resembles Andira again, as if they were twins.

A striking resemblance

It is indisputable that Andi Tóth and Gyopár Kovács have several features in common, and they are both very talented. In the latest ValMaros clip, however, some complained that the actress had already copied Andi’s style, i.e. it was as if she was a clone of her predecessor.

“In this photo, you have become a pure imitation of Andi Tóth, which will also be in the ValMaros music video” – they wrote.

Why should Andi Tóth be aped? Find your own style!

And we’ll show you the photo! Do you think they look alike?

Photo: Facebook

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