An alert was issued due to cloud breaks, you can count on them here today

An alert was issued due to cloud breaks, you can count on them here today
An alert was issued due to cloud breaks, you can count on them here today

We don’t run away on the weekend either.

Finally, another long weekend is here, but the joy is also mixed with a little sadness, the weather will not always be kind to us.

There is a high chance of a downpour in the country today, and it can be expected almost anywhere. That’s why the National Meteorological Service issued a yellow alert for almost all counties.

“During the day on Friday, with the exception of Western Transdanubia, scattered thunderstorms can be expected. Thunderstorms may be accompanied by stormy gusts of wind and hail (1-2 cm), more intense outbreaks may also be accompanied by downpours. Once again, thunderstorm activity may last the longest along the Danube” – they wrote in the warning.

At the same time, we won’t really get cold, after 10-15 degrees in the morning, 24-29 degrees are expected in the afternoon.

On Saturday a lot of sunshine is also expected, in the morning along a convergence line in the line of the Danube and in the eastern part of Transdanubia, there may be showers and thunderstorms, while in the afternoon near the eastern and southeastern border, showers may develop in some places. The wind will be brisk in many places, strong in the west and northeast. The peak temperature is between 21 and 26 degrees.

Whit Sunday and Whit Monday in addition to sunny periods, showers and thunderstorms are likely, mainly in the south-southeast part of the country. The north-east wind will be brisk at times, strong and stormy in the vicinity of thunderstorms. After mornings of 8-15 degrees, 23-28 degrees are expected in the afternoons – reports Időkép.

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