EA may be working on a Hearthstone-like FOCIS card game

EA may be working on a Hearthstone-like FOCIS card game
EA may be working on a Hearthstone-like FOCIS card game

Based on a patent, it seems that EA is hard at work on a soccer-themed online card game that will also be available on mobile.

21.11.2023 – Anyone familiar with EA’s football games knows for sure that cards play a big role in FIFA and EA Sports FC. We get the football players and their characteristics on one sheet each, and we even assemble our teams in the form of cards. And card packages are a basic source of income. So it’s no surprise that EA is thinking about creating a separate soccer card game.

At least this is what a recent patent suggests, according to which a digital card game like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering Arena can be made. This, however, will have an absolute soccer theme, and the cards can be structured similarly to FIFA or EA Sports FC.

This is what EA’s soccer card game could look like.

According to a recent patent filed by EA, players draw cards from a deck that— how surprising – the top players in the world are featured. The field will be a playing field resembling a football field and – also surprising – you have to fight. Of course, we can create the decks ourselves in advance. For a team, the probability of scoring increases depending on the value of the card, certain combinations give a 100% chance. Of course, the cards have different categories, there will be sports cards, action cards and effect cards.

From all this, you can probably already understand that the gameplay is somewhat different from a traditional football match. In EA’s upcoming mobile game, you can also duel against the machine, but there will also be skill-based matchmaking. Unfortunately, the patent does not detail how these cards will be obtained, but perhaps just like in other similar card games.

Of course, as in the case of all patents, it is still valid that it is not 100% that this plan will be realized. Since EA no longer makes FIFA games, this mobile game could help them further expand their soccer fanbase alongside EA Sports FC. Those who love the Ultimate Team game mode will surely be happy with the news, but in the end, this patent may slowly go to the soup. It might be interesting…

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