PlayStation Portal has been attacked by scalpers

PlayStation Portal has been attacked by scalpers
PlayStation Portal has been attacked by scalpers

Profiteers are trying to resell it at a higher price on internet marketplaces.

There was a shortage of the PlayStation 5 for two years after its launch, due to the huge demand and the upheaval caused by the coronavirus, Sony was unable to produce enough of its new console. The profiteers who saw the opportunity just put the dot on the i, aggressively tried to attack the scarce stocks, and then sell the product to the impatient gamers at a significant profit.

PlayStation Portal cannot run games by itself, only a display controllerSource: Sony

Now some profiteers are trying the same thing in connection with the PlayStation Portal, the image and sound of the games running on the PlayStation 5 can be streamed via Wi-Fi to the display controller. The same has been possible for years through the PS Remote Play function, which allows the image and sound of the game console to be sent to a mobile or tablet, but Sony decided to create Portal regardless.

PlayStation Portal went on sale late last week in key markets, and by Monday it had sold out of initial stock in both the US and the UK. In the meantime, profiteers immediately appeared on online marketplaces, trying to sell a product with a suggested retail price of 200 pounds in the UK between 220 and 290 pounds at the time of writing.

PlayStation Portal is expected to be launched in Hungary in mid-January, at a recommended price of HUF 90,000 gross.

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