Sony will launch an extremely strange portable console in November

Sony will launch an extremely strange portable console in November
Sony will launch an extremely strange portable console in November

Sony announced in a short video that the PlayStation will once again have a portable little brother. The only thing we know for sure about the console called Project Q is that it will not run games independently, it will rely on the performance of our existing PlayStation.

Launched more than a decade ago and retired four years ago, the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s last portable game console, was released. During these eight years, the industry has changed enormously: on the one hand, mobile phones have become full-fledged gaming machines, and on the other hand, cloud-based gaming has become more and more widespread. For this reason, gaming giants Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo started experimenting. The latter company’s Wii U was a colossal failure, while the Switch became an unprecedented success story, as it was able to unite home and portable consoles, while Super Mario came and went, but mostly on smartphones. If you subscribe to Microsoft’s Game Pass service, you can play Xbox games running in the cloud on your coffee machine, but certainly on browsers and phones.

Sony followed the changes perhaps the slowest, although they already tried their subscription product called PlayStation Now in 2014. Today, thanks to Remote Play, i.e. “remote play”, we can control and watch the games installed on our console on our mobile or computer, using the usual controllers. The logical next step would be a cloud-based game, that is, to run the programs not on the computer in our living room, but on remote servers – this was indicated by the fact that more than a month ago, several related jobs were advertised at the company.

However, now the Japanese pulled a surprise: they announced Project Q, which seems to be a step, if not backwards, but to the side.

The terse, only half-minute long video shows that the device, presumably arriving in November, will rely on Remote Play and will always be just a “new screen” for our own kozolos, and theoretically it won’t work without an Internet connection. AQ, which almost certainly won’t be called that, will be an inch larger than recent PC-based handhelds like the Steam Deck, meaning it will have an eight-inch screen.

But while the latter are practically full-fledged computers in a small body, Sony, unless it deliberately misinforms the players, has a very strange vision, since it is not clear that if we can play our games on all our hardware, even the controllers that can be connected to our mobile are produced, then what is the need for Project Q. We hope to find out in November.

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