You’ll laugh at the game category Xbox Game Pass got

You’ll laugh at the game category Xbox Game Pass got
You’ll laugh at the game category Xbox Game Pass got

Xbox Game Pass has added a very bizarre new category, exclusively for games to which certain details are important.

Xbox Game Pass is generally considered to be the video game equivalent of Netflix, as you can play as many games as you want for a monthly fee. Like so many other streaming services, Game Pass likes to recommend titles based on various criteria. Some recommendations are generated by the algorithm, but there are categories that are compiled by Game Pass colleagues.

Now a bizarre and strange category has been created for gamers who care about their legs in games.

Someone posted on Reddit that Game Pass has launched a strange new category of games. The category is called “We Demand You See Our Legs”, and according to the list description, it covers games where you can see your character’s legs. And indeed: there are two kinds of games. In which you can see the character’s legs in FPS view, and where for some reason you can’t. Well, this list only includes games where the creators made sure that all the legs were in place.

I love this
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The category includes games such as Battlefield 2042, Dishonored 1 and 2 or Doom Eternal. FPS games really don’t always show the main character’s legs, which is because most players don’t bother to look down enough to see if the character has legs. If they don’t look there anyway, why not?

Surely, there is a group of gamers for whom it is important that the characters have legs. So this category helps with that. Finally!

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