NB I: According to Koman Vladimir, Hungarian youth are “not hungry”.

NB I: According to Koman Vladimir, Hungarian youth are “not hungry”.
NB I: According to Koman Vladimir, Hungarian youth are “not hungry”.
According to Koman Vladimir, young Hungarians are in their comfort zone (Photo: István Mirkó)

The 34-year-old player revealed that the death of his father made his life very difficult in the last period.

“Dad’s death hit me with many things, many tasks and responsibilities that I had to fulfill in my family, I am also my mother’s support during these difficult times. I haven’t been able to concentrate on football in recent weeks, but I plan to continue. I am preparing to have a team again in the winter” Koman Vladimir stated confidently.

The midfielder also reported on the circumstances of his departure from Diósgyőr.

“Big changes took place in the first team after the promotion, a lot of players really left. I still had one year left on my contract, but the club was very fair, I can’t say a word. Obviously, it hurts when you plan something and things turn out differently in the end, you will be disappointed. I also had a plan, a goal when I checked in. And that was to play again in the NB I with Diósgyőr. Unfortunately, things change quickly in football, and I’m already experienced enough not to be surprised by anything. That’s how football is.”

During his football career, he played football in a total of eight countries and expressed a very negative opinion about the Hungarian NB I.

“I see low quality foreigners and weak young people. It certainly doesn’t help that they are supported and protected by all kinds of rules, they are not prepared for professional life, for fighting. They are often included in the team not because they are so good, but because their club receives money for them. What I regret most is that they are not hungry at all, they are comfortably in their comfort zone Koman Vladimir pointed out critically. – In addition, I would prefer home-bred players, because at the moment I see that the Hungarians are legion abroad, but the Hungarians are slowly being considered legion at home as well.”

The 36-time Hungarian national team midfielder mentioned at the end of the interview that he is already thinking about retirement and his life after his football career.

“I don’t have a concrete idea for now, but it would seem logical to stay in football, since that’s what I’m good at, I’ve dealt with it in my life, I speak languages ​​and I’ve been to many places in the world. But it is also possible that I will start something else, but for now I still want to play football.”

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