A massive brawl broke out at the NFL stadium

A massive brawl broke out at the NFL stadium
A massive brawl broke out at the NFL stadium

A huge crowd fight broke out at the end of the second quarter of the Washington Commanders – New York Giants NFL rally.

The two leaders of the eastern group of the National Conference clashed in the capital and, as expected, the match was very tense. Tempers then exploded in the penultimate minute of the second quarter, when Commander Sam Howell was brought to the ground by two Giants players, Micah McFadden and Xavier McKinney.

From the really tough defense, huge give-and-takes unfolded, in addition to the referees’ yellow flags, slaps flew in abundance.

In comparison, after the tempers subsided, only one player was permanently suspended: the Commanders’ wide receiver, Curtis Samuel, and the Giants’ defender (cornerback), Cor’Dale Flott, who can expect further punishment after what happened.

In the end, the visiting Giants won the match between the two teams, both in bad shape, 31-19, but they are still in last place in their group with a record of 3-8, while the Commanders are in front of them with 4-7.

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