the first meeting with the new captains

the first meeting with the new captains
the first meeting with the new captains

Attila Mihók and Sándor Cseh announced the list of players invited to the first meeting of the women’s national team on September 25-26.

The captain pair is expecting twenty-eight players for the first training sessions – the majority of them come from the BL qualifiers (except for the featured ones from Eger), i.e. the girls are turning to this special occasion with momentum, as they will meet for the first time, together with the two new managers Attila Mihók and Cseh With Sándor and the new crew.

“We want to see as much of everyone as possible, what they can show in a game against each other, for this we will form one team with two lines, that’s why so many were invited – explained national team captain Attila Mihók. “As a basis, we invited the girls who were already counted as members of last year’s Universiade team and of the larger adult squad in the last year or two to join the national teams so far.”

At the same time, the potential members of the U20 team, which won the gold medal in the world championship last Friday, have not yet been worked out by the trainers – regeneration is now essential for them.

“We’ll let them rest for now. I see that, although we are still discussing this with Marci Benczur (the national coach of the U20s), three or four girls will definitely get the opportunity to prove themselves here again – added Attila Mihók. – It’s true, we always say that the junior and senior levels are still far apart, but that doesn’t mean that those who reach the senior level at that age won’t get the opportunity. There will be enough matches in the coming months for everyone to show their place in the team.”

Co-captain Sándor Cseh indicated: exceptionally, the ladies do not meet on the island. “We are planning the meeting at a rural location so that there is as little movement as possible and the girls can concentrate as much as possible on everything we ask of them – primarily on land work, discussions, and a lot of filming.”

Women’s national team competition (September 25-26)


Zita Ármai BVSC

Baksa Vanda UVSE

Dobi Dorina Dunaújváros

Carving Kamilla UVSE

Wolf Tamara FTC

Garda Krisztina Dunaújváros

Greta Gurisatti FTC

Brigitta Horváth, Dunaújváros

Patrícia Jancsó BVSC

Soldier Zsófi Eger

Keszthelyi-Nagy Rita CN Mataro

Kiss Alexandra FTC

Kuna Szonja FTC

Dora Leimeter FTC

Maczkó Lilla Dunaújváros

Magyar Alda UVSE

Mahieu Géraldine Dunaújváros

Zsuzsanna Máté FTC

Pál Réka Dunaújváros

Parkes Rebecca Eger

Peresztegi-Nagy Kinga UVSE

Pőcze Panna FTC

Natasa Rybanska UVSE

Szabó Nikolett Dunaújváros

Szelák Csenge Eger

Dorottya Szilágyi Eger

Horseradish Luca Eger

Vanda Vályi FTC

Professional staff

Attila Mihók is the national team captain

Sándor Cseh co-captain

Goalkeeper coach Krisztina Kardos

Masseur Ákos Horváth

Dr. Attila Pavlik is team physician

Videographer Balázs Búza

Zsófia Zrubecz is a sports psychologist

Marcell Fridvalszki is a fitness trainer

Team manager Viktória Horváth

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