The boycott of the World Cup-winning women’s soccer team is over, the best are coming back

The boycott of the World Cup-winning women’s soccer team is over, the best are coming back
The boycott of the World Cup-winning women’s soccer team is over, the best are coming back

The boycott of the players of the world champion Spanish women’s soccer team, fifteen of the gold medal winners are members of the team’s Nations League squad, MTI reported.

Montse Tome, the newly appointed national team captain, was originally supposed to announce the roster of the team preparing for the meetings against the Swedes and the Swiss on Friday, but he had to postpone this after a total of thirty-nine footballers – including almost the entire World Cup-winning squad – signed the letter. in which, in addition to the resignation of President Luis Rubiales, further changes were urged.

In it, they called on the association to reorganize the management, as well as demanded changes in the post of general secretary and in the communication and marketing department. It seems that the players managed to get a better understanding during the weekend, as 15 of the 23 World Cup winners are on the roster preparing for the NL.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter and the clock is ticking”

– said Tome, who, however, did not reveal details about how he convinced the players to be available to the national team again. His World Cup-winning predecessor, Jorge Vilda, was fired at the beginning of September. For the Spanish national team, it was the historic, first World Cup triumph that started the avalanche, as Rubiales kissed one of the players, Jenni Hermoso, on the lips during the award ceremony after winning the final 1-0 against England.

The 33-year-old football player first stated that he did not like the situation, while Rubiales first called the incident a spontaneous gesture and then apologized. After that, the players of the World Cup-winning Spanish national team declared that they will not play international matches until Rubiales, accused by the Spanish prosecutor of sexual harassment and coercion, is at the head of the federation. The president, suspended by the international federation (FIFA), finally resigned on September 10.

Hermoso is not a member of the NL squad, which Tome said: they stand by the player and, in his opinion, it is best to protect him this way.
The Spanish national team will meet Sweden on Friday and Switzerland next Tuesday in the League of Nations, which is particularly important because the two best teams from this series will qualify for next year’s Olympics in Paris. This is the only opportunity for the European teams to fight for the five-ring participation.

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