60,000 fans, unprecedented traffic in Budapest, don’t leave without a charged mobile phone – everything you need to know about next week’s EL final!


The AS Roma – Sevilla FC Europa League final will take place on Wednesday next week in the Puskás Arena. Mandiner has collected some information and interesting facts that are worth knowing before the football event of the year in Hungary.

The main venue of the UEFA Europa League final on May 31 will be Puskás Aréna, but at the same time, there will also be numerous accompanying events in the capital for those without tickets.

The Fan Festival awaits fans with open gates from May 30 at Hősök Square. Here, anyone can get a taste of the atmosphere of the cup final. Within the framework of the festival, it is possible to see the Europa League trophy exhibition, to take photos with the relics of the final teams, and

at the venue, fans can meet famous former Hungarian national team players, including Gábor Király, István Pisont, Roland Juhász, or even the official UEFA ambassador of the final, Zoltán Gera.

Based on the experience of previous years, it can be assumed that a former star of the two participants of the final, AS Roma and Sevilla, will also pay their respects at the Fan Festival. As they say: the list of invited guests is not yet final…

The organizers did not forget about any social group: in addition to the girls’ and boys’ age group matches, the disabled also play, and teams organized by the Maltese Charity Service and Oltalom SE also take to the field, and young Ukrainian refugees also have the opportunity to play football. Children’s and family programs at the locations include a teqball presentation. The partners of the final are also preparing many events, the lucky ones can take home one of the many prizes.

The organizers also thought that there would be a football atmosphere in other parts of Budapest, so passers-by will be able to take photos with a giant Europa League trophy in the downtown Szent István square and in the Castle, Szentáromság square.

The locations are open from morning, entry is free!

Which of course

one of the most important: the quality of the Puskás Arena turf is perfect before next week’s final,

for which, as the two teams indicated on the spot, all the tickets issued to them by UEFA have been sold out in recent days. Thus, at least 15,000 fans will travel to Budapest on the day of the match. This means that it is expected that there will be an unprecedented amount of passing traffic, as the fans of the two teams are expected to come to our capital city not by car or bus, but by plane.

In the Puskás Arena, nearly 60,000 fans will be able to watch the 2023 Europa League final live, so it is easy to calculate: the 30,000 tickets for Roma and Sevilla fans (plus the 5,000 for officials, sponsors, journalists and VIP – taking into account tickets reserved for guests) the largest number of Hungarian fanatics will be present, about 25 thousand!

It is very important to note: those Hungarian fans who were hoping that they might still be able to get tickets in another round after the registration in April, may find that they will not be able to watch the match at the venue.

At the same time, the already mentioned Fan Festival will be open to them from Tuesday next week, which – unlike the Fan Zone of the 2021 European Championship – will already close its gates during the match, this is primarily necessary for security reasons.

Important information: Hungarian fans who have obtained tickets should not forget to download their UEFA applications, including the UEFA Mobile Ticket application in addition to the EL application, as they can only present and validate their electronic tickets through these technical aids, without which they are not allowed to enter the area of ​​the Puskás Arena. So everyone should also ensure that their mobile devices are charged!

The Hungarian Football Association, as the host of the event, is already waiting for the teams and fans with a routine team of directors. After all, since the opening of the Puskás Arena, many prestigious events have been held flawlessly, just think of the group matches of Euro 2020 (Hungary – Portugal, Portugal – France), one of the round of 16 of Euro 2020 (Netherlands – Czech Republic), the Bayern Munich – Sevilla Super Cup final, or just for the 2019 final of the Women’s Champions League (FC Barcelona – Olympique Lyon), although the latter was still hosted by the Groupama Arena.

The MLSZ specially draws the attention of fans visiting the match to use public transport whenever possible to get to the Puskás Arena (BKK will of course increase its metro, tram and bus routes), if only because it is free with a valid ticket to the match approach the location! If someone does want to use their car, the organizers ask that they park as far away as possible, as the Puskás Arena is extremely easy to reach either on foot or by using public transport, since unlike many large European arenas (just think of Bayern Munich’s home stadium or right to Wembley), is not located in the suburbs, but in the center.

As per the protocol,

on the day before the final, both teams must hold a press conference and a training session (the latter does not have to be open to the press in its entirety, according to practice it is usually 15 minutes), and even the training is not mandatory, it is enough if only the team and the professional staff takes a walk on the site of the next day’s finale.

Let’s not forget: FC Sevilla is the record winner of the Europa League, the Andalusian team has won the EL trophy four times so far (2014, 2015, 2016, 2020), while AS Roma will try to move up a level next Wednesday after winning the Europa League last year. .

The 2023 Europa League final will be conducted by a team of English referees: Anthony Taylor will be the boss in the middle of the pitch, assisted by Gary Beswick and Adam Nunn on the touchline, the fourth referee will be Michael Olivier, the fourth assistant will be Stuart Burt, in the VAR room and Stuart Attwell and Christopher Kavanagh watch the events with a suspicious eye.

The official ambassador of the Europa League, Zoltán Gera, promotes the event in Budapest as well Photo: MTI/EPA/Keystone/Martial Trezzini

Of course, the public service sports channel, m4, also pays special attention to the final. As confirmed by the channel’s official website, the lead-up shows on the public media channels start one day before the finale. On May 30, M4 Sport is preparing a four-hour program stream: already in the afternoon, it will show both teams’ training and press conferences live from the Puskás Arena. M1 broadcasts live from the fan zones located at Hősök Square and the Basilica, but they also prepare for the final with thematic broadcasts and lead-up discussions on other public media channels.

“It will be the most serious broadcast of a European cup match ever in the Hungarian sports media, which we are preparing now. On May 31, before the whistle to signal the start of the match, we will start the broadcast with reports from several locations, from studios overlooking the pitch, and from the side of the pitch from 19:30. In addition, we have even more surprises in store, which will make it worthwhile to stay with us all the way. We are preparing a lot and we are confident that we can also add our part to what it means to host a European Cup final in our country” – said Dávid Székely, the channel director of M4 Sport, in the broadcast of the National Sports News on M1.

The commentators for the final will be Máté Ujvári on M4 Sport, István B. Hajdú and Péter Varga on Kossuth Rádio. Andrea Petrovics-Mérei will host the meeting in the on-site studio, and Judit Berkesi and Zoltán Martí will bring exclusive information and interviews as reporters. Péter B. Németh informs the viewers about the atmosphere and the background of the match.

Opening image There is a view of a great match – at an impressive venue! Photo: uefa.com

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