The ministry’s billions were also referred to a Swiss bank account linked to a well-known Hungarian billionaire

The ministry’s billions were also referred to a Swiss bank account linked to a well-known Hungarian billionaire
The ministry’s billions were also referred to a Swiss bank account linked to a well-known Hungarian billionaire

Out of the 2.2 billion paid by the background company of the agricultural ministry, money also went to the account of an offshore company, which can be linked to Kristóf Nobilis. The businessman’s son was the chief of staff of the Minister of Agriculture at the time of the money movements.

The name of a well-known Hungarian billionaire businessman and a Swiss bank account connected to him have also emerged in the Ministry of Agriculture’s abuse case, which is being discussed at the Székesfehérvár Court, reports Direkt36.

The main defendant in the criminal case is a former high-ranking government official, Great John former Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture. Nagy is accused by the prosecutor’s office of having paid HUF 2.2 billion to two law firms, which, according to the prosecutor’s office, did not perform any meaningful work for that reason.

According to the portal, on a trial day in September, important details about what might have happened to this money were revealed, as the judge of the criminal trial presented bank documents, although the lawyers of several defendants tried to prevent this.

Revealed that

  • the law firms that received the money – whose managers were also accused alongside János Nagy – transferred significant sums to a Swiss bank account through a Budapest company.
  • This account was owned by a Panamanian offshore company, which, according to the documents presented by the judge, belonged to a Hungarian billionaire businessman, to Kristóf Nobilis can be connected.
  • The appearance of Nobilis in the case involving the Ministry of Agriculture is also interesting because one of his sons, Márton Nobilis he was the minister’s chief of staff at the time of the money movements and is currently state secretary at the same ministry.

Neither Kristóf Nobilis nor his son responded to the portal’s inquiries.

In connection with the case, as we wrote, an investigation is also underway for money laundering, but the prosecutor’s office did not say who was questioned.

It is noteworthy that János Nagy’s version looks completely different. The former deputy state secretary gave a detailed testimony in court in May.

He claimed that the decisions for which he is accused of a crime were actually made at higher levels, and that the fees for the law firms were paid by the minister Istvan Nagy decided

The court will hear the minister in 2024.

The former official told the court,

I was a deputy state secretary, and anyone who has seen a ministry up close does not assume that a deputy state secretary invents contracts worth billions.

There is also a criminal trial against János Nagy for official bribery, the trial of which took place last week.

Ákos Hadházy an independent member of parliament announced on his Facebook page that he would report the case to the Swiss authorities for money laundering, because he did not trust the Peter Polt in an investigation led by the Attorney General. By the way, the member of parliament related the money to Minister István Nagy.

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