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A domestic company dealing with the renovation and sale of oldtimers managed to buy this beautiful, black Mercedes-Benz C-Class, whose history is truly worth mentioning.

In 1994, the Republic Guard Regiment ordered 5 brand new Mercedes-Benz W202 C220 Elegance equipped cars. The four black and one white cars were taken into stock in March 1994. The cars were also equipped with radio transceivers and magnetic blue flashing lights. You never know though…

The car with registration number COS-978 was a vehicle reserved for Gyula Horn and his family between 1994 and 1998, which was regularly driven by Gyula Horn himself outside of office hours, at least that is what the new owner of the car claims. A colleague assigned to Mercedes, who provided an official person (a kind of bodyguard driver), who transported Horn’s wife, Anna Király, and her family with the car.

After the resignation of the Horn government, the C-Class became the private car of János Áder, who at that time led the Parliament and later became the President of the Republic. He and his family used the car until 2003.

Gyula Horn's Mercedes 3 was found

It was then put in the Kárpát utca garage of the Government Guard, the so-called “party garage”, as a spare car. It was scrapped in January 2008, from where the former commander of the Republic Guard Regiment was able to buy it after his retirement, who then used the esteemed Mercedes for 15 years.

Gyula Horn's Mercedes 4 was found

The car ran 290,000 kilometers, was undamaged, remained in factory condition, and can be taken for an OT test next year. The Elegance model car was equipped with manual air conditioning and also has all the factory keys and service keys. The car is not planned to be resold, at least for now.

Gyula Horn's Mercedes 5 was found

Mercedes-Benz W202-speedster

In 1993, Mercedes replaced the Baby-Benz 190 series (W201) with the C-class. Between 1993 and May 2000, 1,870,000 C-Classes were produced. In the fall of 1993, the C36 AMG came out. The rear lights changed in 1995, when the C 250 Turbodiesel and C 230 Kompressor debuted. The yellow index cloud was displaced by the white one. In the same year, the naturally aspirated diesels 200 and 250 were sold out. In the first half of 1996, the range was expanded with the station wagon called T-Modell, the C 220 was replaced by the 2.3-liter four-cylinder. This year, the electronically controlled five-speed automatic transmission became available.

New engines appeared in 1997, including the first Mercedes common rail diesel engine, the 125 hp C 220 CDI. Among the gasoline models, the C 240, which has a 170 hp V6, and the new C 280 with 197 hp were new. This engine no longer has an in-line cylinder arrangement like its predecessor, but a V6. In 1998, the new 2.2-liter diesel also came with 102 horsepower, under the name C 200 CDI, as the successor to the 220 chamber diesel.

Gyula Horn's Mercedes 6 was found

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