The success of Marco Rossi’s national team could bring billions to the kitchen

The success of Marco Rossi’s national team could bring billions to the kitchen
The success of Marco Rossi’s national team could bring billions to the kitchen

The professional success was huge, following in the footsteps of two legendary national team captains on Sunday: György Mezey’s team became the first group winner in the qualifiers since the 1986 World Cup and Lajos Baróti finished the year unbeaten for the first time since his national team in 1976 (six wins in ten games this year and four the balance was tied). The nation’s golden-legged sons are now truly worth gold: by qualifying for next year’s European Championship, they have already earned 9.5 million euros, or more than HUF 3.5 billion at the daily exchange rate.

Marco Rossi and each other can beat each other. Photo: MTI/Tamás Kovács

According to the information of the Serbian, the European Football Association rewards the national teams that qualify for the European Championship with this amount. UEFA increased the prize fund for the 2024 European Championship from 301 to 371 million euros, and of this, the 9.5 million euros that the federations of all 24 participating countries receive is only the base.

Each point gained in the tournament itself has additional significance. In the group stage, 750,000 euros are paid for a draw, and 1.5 million for a win. Another two million will be paid for the eighth final, 3.25 million for the quarter final, five million for the semi-final, seven million for the final, and ten million for winning the gold medal.

What did Dominik Szoboszlai say?

Thanks to his two quick goals against Montenegro, Dominik Szoboszlai was the hero on Sunday, who recently made a confident statement about the national team’s chances at the European Championship: “No matter what group we are in, we have a chance to advance.” This is how I approach it, this is how everyone approaches it. It doesn’t matter who we are in a group with. And from there everything is a one-and-one match, so one match: will you advance or not? So, let’s go while we can, enjoy it! We are at the European Championship, let’s go further from the group, let’s go as far as possible! And in the end, we might be the biggest surprise!

If Szoboszlai is so enthusiastic, then let’s note that the maximum amount that can be earned at the European Championships is 34.25 million euros, about 12.4 billion forints. We have only “called down” 9.5 million of this, there is still work to be done.

The draw for the group stage of the European Championship will be held on December 2.

Cover image: MLSZ owes a lot to Marco Rossi (Photo: MTI/Róbert Hegedüs)

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