We can also get Slovakia and the Netherlands; 7 additional qualifiers

We can also get Slovakia and the Netherlands; 7 additional qualifiers
We can also get Slovakia and the Netherlands; 7 additional qualifiers
The orange-shirted Dutch secured their place in the European Championship on Saturday by defeating the Irish – they will be in the 3rd or 4th hat when the group stage is drawn, so they will certainly be among the possible opponents of the Hungarian national team (Photo: AFP)

We already reported on Sunday that with the elimination of Serbia from our group (our southern neighbor can appear for the first time at the European Championship under this name, in 2000, this was not the name of the country at the time of its last appearance) we already know for sure that 17 national teams will be there at the 2024 European Championship.

We also have that the the Hungarian national team advancing to the 2nd bracket as group leader will be placed as the best second Austria too. The 2nd hatter will almost certainly be the group leader Denmark and in the case of a group lead Albania, Romania and Turkey also – these three teams currently lead their group, but the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Croatia can still overtake them in those groups. He will be the first hatter the director Germany Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium and almost certainly England too.

Scotland and Slovakia will surely be drawn from the third hat (two possible opponents for ours), and according to the current situation, it would be placed here Netherlands, Serbia, as well as Croatia and Italy as well – but the final two have not yet been decided, they are currently on the way to the next round. However, it is also certain that the Netherlands and Serbia cannot get higher than the 3rd hat, so in addition to the 1st hatters and the Slovak and Scottish duo, the Dutch and Serbian duo will certainly be among our possible opponents in the draw on December 2.

The three teams that make it out of the additional qualifiers will be in the fourth hat and the composite qualifying ranking is 18–20. ranked. According to the current position, it belongs here Switzerland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, the qualification of the last two of which has not yet been decided, and Switzerland can still win the 2nd hat as group leader if they win in Romania in the last round.

We can know more and more about the play-off, in addition to the fact that the matches will be held next March and the draw for the play-off will be made on November 23 this year.

From the A-class of the League of Nations Poland will definitely play in the play-offs, and if he doesn’t make it out of his group (currently in 3rd place behind Turkey and Croatia), then Wales too. From the B-League Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel and Finland’s place in the qualifying round is already certain, but the Finns can still be promoted to the qualifying branch of the A-League teams, because if five teams in the B-League make it to the playoffs (currently this is the case), then they will decide by lottery which one will be promoted to the A-League. If Ukraine does not make it to the European Championship in a straight line, then the place of the alternate qualifier is certain, and according to the current situation Iceland can also replace it. From the C-League Georgia, Greece and Luxembourg he already has a place in the qualifying round, and if you don’t get out in a straight line, then Kazakhstan will be the fourth alternate qualifier in this branch (if they win today in Slovenia, then Kazakhstan will be a direct European participant), and if they qualify, then Azerbaijan will be the fourth. First in the D-League Estonia it can only be placed in an additional qualifying place if there is still a free place in one of the leagues – according to the current situation, the Estonians would be placed in the A-League next to the Poles, the Welsh and one of the Finnish, Ukrainian and Icelandic trio.


A-branch teams: Poland, Wales (currently), Iceland/Finland/Ukraine (according to current status – draw will decide, one team out of three), Estonia (according to current status)
B-branch team: Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland/Finland/Ukraine (according to the current situation – draw will decide) – two teams out of three
C-branch teams: Greece, Georgia, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan (currently)

According to the current situation, the team that is not listed next to it will definitely be playing in the playoffs. The Finns are an exception in that their place in the qualifying round is certain, but not in which branch they can play. Semi-finals and finals are organized in each branch, the duels are decided in one match, the winners of the qualifying branches advance to the European Championship.

Germany September 27, 2018 (as director) 13 1.
Belgium October 13, 2023 6 1.
France October 13, 2023 10 1.
Portugal October 13, 2023 8 1.
Spain October 15, 2023 11 1.
Scotland October 15, 2023 3 3.
Turkey October 15, 2023 5 1st/2nd/3rd
Austria October 16, 2023 3 2.
England October 17, 2023 10 1.*
Hungary November 16, 2023 4 2.
Slovakia November 16, 2023 2 3.
Albania November 17, 2023 1 2nd/3rd/4th
Denmark November 17, 2023 9 2.*
Netherlands November 18, 2023 10 3rd/4th
Romania 2023. November 18 5 2nd/4th
Switzerland November 18, 2023 5 2nd/4th
Serbia November 19, 2023 5 3rd/4th

* For those countries where the classification is not final, all possible options have been indicated. In a very extreme case, the Danes may even overtake the English in the overall ranking, but there is only a small mathematical chance of this, which is why we ranked them in the 1st hat and the Danes in the 2nd hat.

The groups of the European Championship in Germany will be drawn on December 2, at 18:00.

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