Marco Rossi on Saudi bid: ‘I’ve never made big money in my career but now is the time to reassess things’

Marco Rossi on Saudi bid: ‘I’ve never made big money in my career but now is the time to reassess things’
Marco Rossi on Saudi bid: ‘I’ve never made big money in my career but now is the time to reassess things’

Marco Rossi led the Hungarian national team to the European Championship for the second time in a row.

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The captain of the Hungarian national team gave a longer interview about the participation in the European Championship portal. In the interview, Rossi explained that he does not believe that he will ever return to his homeland, but he did not rule out the possibility of signing on another continent even after the European Championship.

The 59-year-old professional has sat on the bench of several Italian teams during his coaching career, but since 2011 he has been conspicuously absent from Italy. During the conversation, it was also discussed whether he will ever get a job in his native country:

“No, and I think it’s a closed case forever, from both sides. Everyone would see me as a fortune hunter, so at my age I prefer to work with those who look at the results and are happy with me.”

Marco Rossi took over the leadership of the Hungarian national team in July 2018, and under his guidance, ours reached their second European Championship in a row. However, in recent years, the Italian trainer has received several offers from abroad, so it is not at all surprising that his future has also been discussed:

“My contract runs until December 2025, the end of the World Cup qualifiers. But first, let’s play in the European Championship, let’s live this adventure, which we deservedly achieved with passion. We’ll see.”

“Some offers came already last summer. I didn’t even want to listen, because then you risk losing your mind. I’ve never made a lot of money in my career, but now it’s time to reassess things, also for my family. We’ll see after the European Championship.”

This year, Roberto Mancini also resigned from the bench of the Italian national team and transferred to the Saudi national team.

“We also wrote to each other. I don’t think he did it just for the money.”

Rossi defended his colleague.

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