This is a new portable PC with a Ryzen 7 processor and a full keyboard


This small console has a slide-up screen, under which a full keyboard is hidden. One of the most original portable consoles of recent years.

20.11.2023 – I’m not saying that everyone in Hungary is running around with these, but it can be said simply that portable consoles and Windows-based PCs are gaining more and more space. Perhaps in recent years, this market has been a bit more restrained, thanks to the fact that everyone was at home anyway due to COVID, but then whoops. Everyone works on a portable device.

We previously compiled a small list of portables currently in the works, and one of them seems to have a price tag. The AYANEO Slide is perhaps different from machines like Steam Deck or ROG Ally in that its screen can be slid up, and it even has a separate full QWERTY keyboard. Of course, most of these gaming gadgets are a bit difficult to call a console, since they are more like a portable computer. And that is exactly what AYANEO wants to prioritize. The Windows-based little machine is also strong in that it includes AMD’s impressive Phoenix APU technology – the Ryzen 7 7840U – with a maximum power consumption of 28W.

The AYANEO Slide’s introductory price of $699 is quite remarkable.

Converted at the current exchange rate, this is roughly HUF 242,000, but the $699 price is only available to those who order during the crowdfunding period. Anyway, $899, which is approx. HUF 312 thousand. By comparison, the current cheapest price for the base version of the Steam Deck (64GB, LCD version) is $369, which is approx. 140 thousand HUF.

What can you do?

Although the display panel technology is IPS, the specifications are impressive. In addition to the Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the pixel density of 368 PPI, the brightness of 400 nits and the 100% sRGB color coverage result in a wonderful display. On top of all this, there is the full keyboard, the ergonomic design, and the nice little analog sticks.

Of course, the most striking innovation is the keyboard itself, since until now the main aspect of such devices was not typing, but gaming. AYANEO will offer several versions of the Slide, in which the RAM and storage are mostly variable. By the way, the small machines will be delivered in December this year if pre-ordered. Yes, you can play with it anywhere, anytime, just like with a Windows PC. If you are interested, click here!

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