Dominik Szoboszlai was vilely attacked after the match against Montenegro, the fans rushed to his defense

Dominik Szoboszlai was vilely attacked after the match against Montenegro, the fans rushed to his defense
Dominik Szoboszlai was vilely attacked after the match against Montenegro, the fans rushed to his defense

On Sunday, those who visited the Puskár Arena, or watched the Hungarian national team’s European Championship qualifier against Montenegro in front of the television screen, were able to witness a very special match. Seeing the final result, one could easily think that we won easily, sweeping the Montenegrins off the field, but the reality was much more exciting than that.

After Szoboszlai’s goal, an amazing sentence was said on live TV, but do you still remember it?

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The Szoboszlais had to start from a disadvantage, as the first goal was scored by the opposing team. After the equalizing goal, we took the lead, but to keep it that way, the exceptional defensive talent of Dénes Dibusz was also needed.

The Ferencváros player blocked the shots of the Montenegrins four times in a few seconds. After the match, the goalkeeper said:

“You get the feeling that a few years ago, when Messi was in top form at Barceona, he thought, went all the way down the field and scored a goal. He is a player of an incredible level and a great leader who can also lead the team on the field.”

– the goalkeeper answered the question of how he evaluates Dominik Szoboszlai’s performance. Liverpool’s starting player really showed a sensational form in the match, the equalizer was hugely needed for the team to really get going. An entire country stands and celebrates, but not only his performance on the field contributes to this

humility, modesty, and the heart.

Standing among the fans, Szoboszlai took a sip of the brandy bottle, but the best part came only after that, when the team captain started singing the hit of Soho Party, and the whole stadium sang with him that the day can never end. You can listen to it here:

In the comment section, many commented that Szoboszlai should stay at the receiving end, and many rushed to defend the midfielder:

“Many of you write here that he should stay with football rather than singing, this was not about his voice, but about his mood, and I think it doesn’t matter what tone he tries to sing in, the heart is the point!”

“At the end of the match…the singing was amazing. Who cares if it’s fake or not, it was from the heart! And we listened happily!”

“Dominik Szoboszlai sings and fills Puskás. Let’s go Hungarians!”

“You’re a great guy! Although I wouldn’t take you to my choir, this song was one of the most beautiful I’ve heard in my life!”

The best comment, however, was without a doubt:

This brandy…is 2024 degrees!!!!

Dominik Szoboszlai reacted to the comments criticizing him in an unexpected way, he expressed his opinion in a video

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Well, it’s not as if Dominik should be afraid of malicious criticism, we wrote about this in our article above. And if you’re curious about the entire victory speech scene, from the pálinka to the noise of the cheering stadium, you should watch this longer video:

The article is in Hungarian

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