We have the price of the one-day e-sticker

We have the price of the one-day e-sticker
We have the price of the one-day e-sticker

The right on March 1, 2024 arrives and

It will cost HUF 5150.

By the way, the EU deadline for the introduction of one-day stickers is March 25, 2024. The one-day sticker is not introduced by the government itself, but is required by the Eurovignette directive, as is the case with all EU member states. Based on this, its price cannot be higher than 9 percent of the price of the annual (D1) entitlement. The government complies with this request, as it shot the price below the maximum amount by HUF 3.

The one-day sticker will not be much cheaper, the 10-day sticker will cost HUF 6,400 next year.

The one-day sticker will probably only be popular among those passing through, and it will only be worth it to a Hungarian motorist if he is quite sure that he only uses the toll road network for one day out of 10 days. For a weekend getaway, it is already a serious surcharge if someone chooses two one-day stickers instead of a ten-day one.

We wrote about how much you have to pay for stickers next year in detail in this article:

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