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“We can be happy about the current fuel market situation, as a continuous downward trend can be observed in the development of the price per barrel of Brent oil,” wrote The amount of change last week was not significant,

but compared to the state of oil prices on Thursday, the decline was almost 5 percent compared to the beginning of the week.

The data shows that the price of oil is at the price level of $80 per barrel, from which it sometimes looks at the level of $76. “In the coming months, we expect quotation prices to remain at the level of 80-85 dollars per barrel,” they concluded.

In addition, the exchange rate of the forint could not be better against the dollar, last week a 1.5 percent strengthening could be seen on the market. The exchange rate stays below HUF 350.

Dollar exchange rate (USD / HUF)

Photo: Tradingeconomics

According to the combined effect of these two factors, further fuel price reductions may occur on the Hungarian fuel market this week, after which the average price of diesel fuel may drop to below HUF 600, they added. Currently, the following prices should be expected:

  • 593 for 95 petrol,
  • diesel costs HUF 610 on average at gas stations.

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