A free application makes it easy to use the latest Intel CPUs


With CoreDirector, you can easily avoid E-cores if they have a negative effect on performance.

In the case of the 12th, 13th and 14th generation Core processors, Intel builds on a so-called hybrid design, which means that the number of built-in cores can be high, but their performance is different. In addition to the P-core, users also get an E-core, which often has a positive effect, but sometimes, typically in games, the operation can cause unpleasant surprises. Although the giant company from Santa Clara has implemented a number of software developments with the help of Microsoft, which helps to avoid situations where the E-core would be a disadvantage, there is not always an optimal option for this, and sometimes the solution is if the user manually disable E-cores.

The former idea works, but it is complicated, because it has to be programmed in the BIOS, and in practice it has to be switched on and off depending on the application. Much more convenient is CoreDirector, which is not an application developed by Intel, but it can be amazingly useful for the owners of the mentioned processors, because depending on the program, it is possible to control how the system works.


CoreDirector offers three basic modes of operation. CPU Affinities allow all processes for an application to be assigned to P-cores, unless that process is intentionally targeting the E-core. Efficiency Mode OFF, on the other hand, disables automatic scheduling for the E-core, while CPU Sets is a sort of in-between option, i.e. leaves many decisions to the operating system. It is not known in advance what is optimal for which program, so it is worthwhile to try all three methods and then decide.

In the development of CoreDirector, it was a critical aspect to create an easy-to-use application, thus ensuring the freedom of decision even for less experienced users. The program itself can be downloaded from the official website or from the Microsoft store.

By the way, Intel does not recommend such applications, but does not prohibit their use, and there is no need to fear loss of warranty, since it is basically a software fine-tuning, which does not count as tuning, and there is no particular risk of using such methods.

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