Index – Homeland – You have to enjoy the mild weather, in a few days winter will set in

Index – Homeland – You have to enjoy the mild weather, in a few days winter will set in
Index – Homeland – You have to enjoy the mild weather, in a few days winter will set in

Roughly in the north-eastern part of the country, the sky may be cloudier for most of the day, rain and showers can be expected in a few places there. At the same time, the sun will shine for several hours in the western and southwestern regions, and dry weather is expected. The western wind will pick up in the northern regions, reports the National Meteorological Service.

The highest daytime temperature is mainly between 9 and 15 degrees, but it can be several degrees colder in the northeast. By late evening, the temperature will drop between 3 and 8 degrees.

Photo: National Meteorological Service

According to Időkép’s medical meteorological forecast, a double-front effect will prevail on Monday. In the cooler, more humid regions of the northeast, joint pains and spasms may occur.

In most parts of the country, a lot of sunshine is expected during the day, which will have a good effect on our well-being. At the same time, the rapidly rising temperature after a cold morning and the resulting significant temperature fluctuations can cause blood pressure fluctuations and circulation problems for many.

Migraines, lack of concentration, and fatigue may also occur in those who are sensitive to the heat front. Complaints of headaches may increase among people living in windier northern regions, restlessness and irritability may also occur.

Winter is coming this week

On Tuesday in the morning, patches of fog may form, especially in landscapes protected from the northeast wind. During the day, it will be variable in the north, in the southern half-two-thirds of the country, the weather will be heavily cloudy, and there will be scattered rain and showers further north.

The north-west and west winds will pick up in several places. In the morning, temperatures between 2 and 7, minus 1 and plus 1 degrees are likely in frost corners protected from the northeast wind. The peak value is expected to be between 7 and 12 degrees.

On Wednesday you have to prepare for variable cloudy weather with more or less sunshine, but especially in the central part of the country there may be heavily cloudy areas. Occasional showers and snow showers may occur, and the north wind will also strengthen in many places, and stormy gusts are also expected in some places. Temperatures are expected to be between 0 and plus 5 in the morning, between minus 3 and minus 1 degrees in frosty corners protected from the wind, and 2 to 9 degrees in the early afternoon.

According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service, a dangerous weather phenomenon meeting the criteria is not expected.

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