Microsoft brings OpenGL 4.6 to DirectX 12 API

Microsoft brings OpenGL 4.6 to DirectX 12 API
Microsoft brings OpenGL 4.6 to DirectX 12 API

The company would reflect on the specific problems of the Windows Subsystem for Linux with the development.

Microsoft has announced that they have made it possible to run applications based on OpenGL 4.6 or higher through a DirectX 12 implementation. This is important because, with the spread of Windows on ARM, platforms are also on the market for which the designer of the graphic controller does not deal with the native support of OpenGL, they simply skip the native implementation of this API, because there are hardly any programs that use it. so they are not considered particularly important.

At the same time, OpenGL became relatively important for the Redmond giant with the construction of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), since the new version of the said subsystem can even run graphics applications. It is possible that the latter uses the OpenGL 4.6 API, which means that it must be solved so that the programs run in some way, even if there is no native OpenGL support on the given machine.

The operation is based on Mesa 3D, which implements a number of APIs in an open source manner, and Microsoft’s construction can basically run all applications up to OpenGL 4.6 on the natively delivered DirectX 12 implementation using an intermediate translation layer. In this form, it does not matter whether the given machine has a native OpenGL 4.6 driver, as long as there is support for DirectX 12, and this is typically the case, the programs will run through the graphical addition of the WSL subsystem.

The improvement will be available to customers in a later Windows update.

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