Omega is giving its last concert

Omega is giving its last concert
Omega is giving its last concert

This weekend marks the end of a chapter in the history of Hungarian rock music. The band celebrates its sixty years with a three-day festival and closes at the same time: it says a festive farewell to the audience, as this is their last concert.

It’s time to say goodbye. We know that too. After Tamas Mihály, then Laci Benkő and finally with the death of Mecky last year, the band was reduced to two members, we have to announce: the end is here. No more Omega – stated the manager of Omega, András Trunkos.

However, I would like to give them a way to end their musical career, which is why the festival lasts for three days, where musicians and friends who recall the band’s career will perform. The two still living members, Ferenc Debreczeni “Ciki” and György Molnár “Elefánt” will also take the stage at the festival.

Dear and persistent orchestra fans will also be able to see a premiere, because we are bringing the Omega Testamentum Orchestra to the stage, for which I am responsible, and I will be performing on Friday – added Ciki, who sat at the drums during Omega’s 60 years.

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However, György Molnár is not very well, his health failed him again when his bladder cancer recently recurred, and he was also diagnosed with bilateral pyelonephritis, which sometimes causes him to have a fever, sometimes not.

At the same time, Elefánt not only pays his respects at the farewell concert, but also takes the stage.

As an omega, I will definitely be on stage for the last time. Whether it’s the last time anyway depends on my condition

György Molnár added to Bors.

“It will be very difficult without János Kóbor!” Trunkos continued. And I can say for sure that the handkerchiefs will also appear, because during the transitions we remember our dead, including Kóbor: with videos and concert excerpts. In the final farewell to the Omega community, Mecky’s figure will come to life on stage, as will sacredness: great forces will meet – the team’s manager finally concluded.

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