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November 21, 2023
Breakfast fast – detail 23.11.21. Review of János Kárpáti


The Zurich one Tages-Anzeiger reported in a separate article that on November 22, i.e. tomorrow, at the invitation of Roger Köppel, the owner and editor-in-chief of the right-wing conservative weekly Weltwoche, a controversial guest, namely Viktor Orbán, will give a speech in the Swiss city, at the Dolder Grandhotel. Before his performance in Zurich, the Hungarian Prime Minister will be received by the Swiss Federal President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs on a courtesy visit in Bern.

The Tages-Anzeiger reminds us that Köppel already invited Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s adviser, to Switzerland in 2018. According to the article, the current guest, the Hungarian Prime Minister – whose appearance in Zurich provoked controversial reactions on social media – is known as a confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has been the subject of international criticism, especially since the Russian attack on Ukraine. Although Hungary is officially part of the sanctions against Russia, Orbán’s meeting with Putin in Beijing a month ago caused new concerns.

Viktor Orbán, one of the most divisive figures in European politics, pursues a strongly nationalist policy, Tages-Anzeiger reports. He vehemently opposes the reception of refugees and migrants, and presents this as defending the Christian nature of Europe and Hungary. It also restricts press freedom, weakens independent institutions, and extends its influence over the judiciary. Although Hungary is a member of the European Union, Orbán shows a decidedly Eurosceptic attitude. He criticizes the policies of Brussels and wants to reform the EU by expanding national sovereignty. His politics and rhetoric resonate in European right-wing conservative and nationalist circles, where he is seen as a role model. The 90-franc tickets for the matinee performance dedicated to Orbán have already been sold, but the event will be available live on the Internet.

Joe Biden is 81 years old

US President Joe Biden turned 81 yesterday, and the New York Times on the occasion of his birthday, he published an article with a rather dubious tone about the president’s re-election chances given his age. The author of the article is Peter Baker, the paper’s chief White House correspondent.

Unlike previous presidents, Biden did not organize a lavish event for his birthday, but celebrated in a close family circle. According to Baker, this is understandable: as he writes, after a certain age, people no longer welcome the passing of another year with the same enthusiasm, even if they do not want to run for president. And in the case of Biden, this date is another reminder for the already quite skeptical electorate. The author describes a joint survey by the New York Times and Siena College, conducted in states that usually swing between Democrats and Republicans, according to which 71 percent say Biden is too old to be president, and even 54 percent of his own supporters think so . In contrast, only 39 percent think that Donald Trump is too old for the presidency. Although Trump is also 77 years old, and recently he has been confused several times in public, ranting about the danger of the Second World War, confused the leaders of Hungary and Turkey, and boasted that he is leading Obama in the opinion polls.

G7 summit in Great Britain

US President Joe Biden Photo: MTI/AP/Patrick Semansky

At the same time, Biden is shuffling, he speaks so softly that it is hard to understand, and he often mixes up names and details. The image-builders of the Democratic Party are quite confused: some think that Biden’s public appearances should be restrained, while others would think it right if they did not treat him as an old man, but let him develop his humor, for example. The latter draw attention to the fact that in recent weeks, Biden has dealt a lot with the war between Israel and Hamas, and even paid a one-day visit to Israel, flying halfway around the world without stopping in a hotel or making a phone call the entire way. He achieves results thanks to his experience and age and not in spite of it – these communication assistants claim, and add: it is better to support an 80-year-old with whom you agree than an almost 80-year-old who you consider dangerous for democracy. They believe that when the campaign heats up, Republicans will no longer be able to use Biden’s age as a weapon. If this really works, then Biden can expect the most beautiful gift on his 82nd birthday, but of course there is a huge “if”, concludes the article of the chief White House correspondent of the New York Times.

Orbán returns to his previous strategy

Finally, briefly the London one Guardian about one of his articles, according to which the Hungarian poster campaign featuring Alex Soros alongside Ursula von der Leyen revives concerns about anti-Semitism: Viktor Orbán seems to be returning to his previous strategy of claiming that dark, global forces are trying to influence the country’s politics. This campaign may signal a turning point in the relationship between the Hungarian government and Brussels, the Guardian believes, and reminds that the Orbán government negotiated with the European Commission for months in order to unlock EU funds blocked due to concerns about the rule of law. A senior Hungarian official, who asked not to be named, said, according to the London paper, that the poster campaign indicates that the government has given up its efforts to get access to the money.

The new poster campaign Photo: Facebook

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