EXCLUSIVE: Transformers: Age of Beasts comes with these voiceovers


Unfortunately, Imre Szélyes was no longer able to voice Optimus, but he managed to find an actor who could be his worthy successor.

The last time we got a Transformers movie was in 2018, Űrdongó tried to present the prequel to the previous Transformers movies, but the latest creation breaks with Michael Bay’s legacy. In the story set in 1994, Optimus and the other Autobots encounter the Maximals, who can transform into various animals, their leader, for example, Optimus Primal, who turns into a robot gorilla. There will be no shortage of adversaries either, as the Predacons and Terrorcons appear, as well as an entity capable of destroying the Earth if our heroes don’t stop it.

Transformers: The Age of Beasts, which will be released in theaters on June 8, will have many new features for those who know the mechanical creatures that turn into vehicles and robots primarily from Bay’s films, but the direction of Steven Caple Jr. (Creed 2) promises to be just as spectacular as them.

Of course, Transformers: The Age of Beasts will also be available in Hungarian dubbing, the preview below also gives a taste of what we can expect in the cinemas, as it already contains the final voices and at the same time points to a sad but forced change:

Imre Szélyes, who had voiced Optimus until now, died at the age of 79, the new Transformers movie could no longer be completed with his participation, the dubbing director had to find someone else to take his place. Among other things, we will touch on this below, but it is important to note again that in the case of animated and CGI characters, the usual pairings are not taken into account, so no one should be surprised if the foreign actors in the Hungarian version are not the permanent or perhaps already proven Hungarian ones. they get their voice.

Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) – László Horányi

Although in the first Transformers movie we could still hear the voice of Chief Optimus in the voice of Tibor Kristóf, the actor died in 2009, so starting with Transformers 2, Imre Szélyes took over the role from him. Szélyes was last heard as Optimus in the animated series Transformers: Earth Spark before he passed away at the end of April, and the voice director of Age of Beasts had to find someone who could take over the baton from him. He became none other than László Horányi, whom most people know through Patrick Stewart, as he voiced him as Professor Charles Xavier, but he was also memorable as Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Treasure of the Dead. Based on the trailer above, his organ also matches Optimus, so fans need not fear. It is a touching gesture that the dub of Transformers: Age of Beasts is dedicated to the memory of Imre Szélyes.

Ron Perlman (Optimus Primal) – Oszkár Gáti

The leader of the Maximals, Optimus Primal, has not yet been seen in a “live-action” film, now he is making his debut, and in the English version he immediately managed to find a distinctive, commanding voice like Ron Perlman, known from the Infernal movies. The actor was accompanied most of the time by Géza Koroknay and Gábor Vass during his career, but unfortunately neither of them are with us anymore, so since then the artists have given the microphone to each other: sometimes Gábor Reviczky (Ring of Fire), sometimes András Faragó (Legendary animals and their observation), sometimes János Papp (Monster Hunter) undertook. The last time we could only hear his voice (in Guillermo del Toro: Pinocchio), the choice fell on Levente Törköly, but this time a much smoother solution was needed, so Oszkár Gáti, who has become one with Sylvester Stallone, gave himself up, who shakes the lead personality out of his little finger, but also he can fill it with emotions if he needs to.

Peter Dinklage (Ostor/Scourge) – László Jászai

The robot that strengthens the disguises also has a dialogue in the trailer, so those with keen ears could recognize that in a short time they can hear the actor interpreting him for the second time in the cinema: it is László Jászai Jr., who seems to be permanent with Dave Bautista, so he is currently in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 delivers Drax’s humor bombs to the Hungarian audience (as he did before). Jászái does not have a common credit with Peter Dinklage, who became world-famous mainly because of the Game of Thrones (whom Balázs Láng won most of the time anyway), but this did not prevent them from joining together this time, and we can’t even complain about it, since it seems to fit For Dinklage’s character.

Michelle Yeoh (Airblade/Airazor) – Anna Fehér

A member of the Maximal who can transform into a huge eagle and an Oscar-winning actress, the legendary Michelle Yeoh will make sure it’s one to remember. In Yeoh’s case, there is no easy choice yet, his Hungarian colleagues are alternating: he got Kéri Kitty in Tiger and Dragon, Anna Ráckevei in Egy geša’s memoirs, and Ágnes Bertalan in Everything, Everywhere, Every Time. However, there is one actress who rarely dubbed for a while, but Famke Janssen, Sharon Stone, Linda Hamilton and Michelle Yeoh are just as good at her: Anna Fehér. He and Yeoh have already found each other in The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and in The Legend of Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, and now they will be in harmony for the third time.

Pete Davidson (Délibab/Mirage) – Zsolt Dér

One of the Autobots was played by the well-known comedian, actor, writer and producer Pete Davidson, who is not yet a frequent guest in Hungarian cinemas, but has appeared a few times: Péter Vida dubbed his character in Angry Birds 2, and Zsombor Jéger in The King of Staten Island followed, in The Suicide Squad – Az Önmüllák Osztag it was assigned to Ágoston Kenéz, and in the case of Deadly Rhythm 10 it was won by Péter Ágoston, but none of them accompanied him to the age of beasts. The chosen one was Zsolt Dér, who can also be heard in cinemas at the moment, as Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock was assigned to him in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but last year he flashed in Top Gun: Maverick (Danny Ramirez) and is also familiar to viewers of Doom Patrol can (Matt Bomer).

Colman Domingo (Unikron/Unicron) – Ákos Kőszegi

In the Transformers universe, Unikron is what Galactus is in Marvel: a rabid planet-eater who also chose the Earth for his snack. This would definitely not be good for those who belong there, so we can expect that there will be a great cooperation to defeat him, but it is necessary to convey how threatening his arrival/presence is, and this can only be half achieved with his size or the fear he instills in others, it is necessary it also has a powerful voice. The original cast achieves this with Colman Domingo, whom domestic viewers could see in Kampókéz, Bűntudat belnél and Fear the Walking Dead, and the Hungarian version casts one of the big guns of the dubbing industry, Ákos Kőszegi, who not only plays sensitive characters professionally ( see Tom Hanks, Colin Firth, Russell Crowe, Sean Bean), but he can also fill the space with figures who want a massive presence, such as Thanos. We couldn’t find anyone more suitable for a planet-gnawing beast than him.


Arszi – Adrienn Réti
Stratosphere – Béla Ficzere
Battletrap – Péter Albert
Apelinq – András Kőrösi
Night bird – Klára Varga
Governor Jack – Dániel Hamvas
Cheetah – Csaba Zöld
Noah Diaz – Márk Ember
Elena Wallace – Andrea Menczel
Breanna Diaz – Veronika Nádasi
Kris Diaz – András Bátor Kovács
Ájer – Antos Gémes
Jullian – Móni Balsai
Ms. Greene – Zsuzsanna Molnár
Receptionist – Gábor Makray
Bishop – István Fillár
Museum Keeper – János Bordás
Burke – Péter Forgács

More Hungarian sounds: László Bartók, Áron Bergendi, Márton Fehérváry, Sára Ince, Krisztina Nádorfi, István Attila Németh, Tibor Pásztor, Szása Szabó, Erika Szórádi, Judit Téglás

Hungarian text: David Speier
Recording sound engineer: Bence Jacsó
Cutting: Brigitta Kajdácsi
Production manager: Tamás Kinces
Voice director: Kata Tabák
Production manager: Peter Hagen

The dubbed a Mafilm Audio Kft. produced the film by UIP-Danube Film distributes.

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The article is in Hungarian

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