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The left attacks Christmas markets

The left attacks Christmas markets
The left attacks Christmas markets

The Vörösmarty Square Christmas market will be organized again this year, which the V. district opposition cannot accept – writes the Magyar Nemzet. Based on the previous practice of the capital city government, the residents of District V did not previously benefit from the profits of the fair, which did not bother the left at all at the time, but now they are demanding an account of the revenues from the district.

Last Friday, the country’s two largest Christmas markets began in the V. district, on Vörösmarty Square and at the Szent István Basilica. However, the Vörösmarty square fair, which was of great interest and was successfully realized after the news about its cancellation, is a thorn in the side of the V. district opposition faction, and

they accuse the V. district municipality of the fact that the current organizing company received a discount.

Last year, the Budapest self-government gave a 100% fee discount for the use of public space to hold the Vörösmarty square fair. The municipality of Belváros explained to the Magyar Nemzet: based on the practice of the capital municipality so far, the residents of the V. district did not benefit from the profit of the fair, not a single forint was spent on the operation of Vörösmarty tér Belváros, worthy of downtown residents. According to them, this previously did not bother the left-wing representatives in the city center at all. They add:

now that the capital’s event organization company withdrew from the organization of the fair, MSZP representative Alex Gábor Kovács complained to Szabad Europa that, in his opinion, Belváros gave discounts to the organizers for both fairs.

However, the truth is that instead of the 100 percent applied by the capital, the municipality of Belváros gave Vörösmarty teret a ninety percent discount and Szent István teret an eighty-five percent discount, for a total of nearly twenty million forints, and intends to use all of the revenues from the utilization for the maintenance of public spaces.

Photo: Gábor Szabó – Origo

Magyar Nemzet also asked the local government about how the awards were actually made. It was highlighted: there is nothing extraordinary in the award classification, last year the event organization company, Budapest Brand Zrt., which is 100% owned by the Budapest self-government, also received a cultural classification, also 90% from the downtown self-government – while from the capital municipality it is one hundred percent – received concessions for the use of public space with a fee discount for holding the Christmas market, just as in 2019 the company that is now withdrawing, Brand’s predecessor, BFTK Nonprofit Kft., also received a ninety percent fee discount from the V. district municipality.

So, regarding the use of public space at the Christmas fair, the practice has not changed for years, regardless of who organizes the fair, the fee classification remains the same.

The downtown municipality emphasized that 100 percent of the income from the utilization of the spaces will be used for public space cleaning, green space maintenance and public road management tasks. They added: despite the change in ownership of Vörösmarty tér, Budapest Brand was given the opportunity to organize the fair, which was also offered the use of the space with a cultural classification and a 90% price discount, but it did not take advantage of the opportunity.

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