they caught a lot of catfish on the Hortobgy

they caught a lot of catfish on the Hortobgy
they caught a lot of catfish on the Hortobgy

On Saturday, November 12, the fishing match held at the Ohati 3rd angling station was a success, as the participants caught 21 catfish, including a large grouper – you can read on the Pecaversum page.

The risha marcs were beaten more than onceSource: Pecaverse

The routine and at the same time extremely successful Andrs Zalkodi, organized for Hortobgyi Halgazdasgi Zrt. Ohati fishing club, won a daylong fishing session, in which about a dozen people took part. When one of these 80-90 kilos started on the tire track in this 1.20 meter, then everyone was surprised for a moment,” Andrs Zalkodi told Pecaverzum, who, a week ago, during a fishing trip in Jászáka, also drove two carp ashore was present.

The two big groupers were 90 kilos and one 65 kilos, the first one was hooked with ultralight equipment and more than one rod was caught. The main pictures were prepared in the morning, and then both ris mustaches were released back into the water. There is certainly the biggest catfish in the country, a predator estimated at 280 cm, which was hooked by Gbor Czimmermann and Ferenc Kos last November, but despite a 2.5-pound effort, he could not get it out of the water, the fish surprised him at the last moment. Andrs Zalkodi said that he had seen the king this year as well, so he is still in danger, and no one has been able to take a photo of him.

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