Depeche Mode will come to Budapest again in 2023

Depeche Mode will come to Budapest again in 2023
Depeche Mode will come to Budapest again in 2023

New album, new tour – Depeche Mode, reduced to two members, announced the continuation in Berlin.

After a five-year hiatus, Depeche Mode is going on tour again, as part of which they will also visit Budapest: on July 28, 2023 Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and their long-established concert band will perform in the Puskás Arena. Its third member, Andrew Fletcher The band lost in May released a new album in the spring with a catchy title: Memento Mori – which in Hungarian means: “Remember death!” The official footage of the tour is usually taken by the band’s old co-creator, Anton Corbijn made by.

Anton Corbijn / Depeche Mode / LiveNation

THE Memento Mori will be Depeche Mode’s fifteenth studio album. Regarding the record, Martin Gore said:

we started working on this project in the early period of the pandemic, so its themes were clearly inspired by this period. After Fletch’s death, we decided to continue because we’re sure that’s what he would have wanted too – and it gave the album a serious extra meaning.

Dave Gahan added to all of this by saying that he thinks

Fletch would have loved this album.

It was announced on October 4 in the patina building of the Berliner Ensemble Memento Mori unlike usual, the tour will begin with the North American leg in Sacramento on March 23, 2023, and after the North American concerts, they will arrive in Europe for a summer stadium tour.

During the North American leg, they will visit New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto, among others, and in Europe they will perform in Paris, Berlin, Milan and London, among others. And – to the delight of the respectable Hungarian fanbase – in Budapest as well. The full list of tour dates can be found on the band’s website, more information on ticket sales will be provided later.

The Memento Mori Tour will be the band’s nineteenth tour, the most recent being in 2017-18 Global Spirit Tour it was the longest of their career and one of the most profitable: during the 130-stop concert series, Depeche Mode performed in front of more than three million people on the European and North American continents.

In front of the Berliner Ensemble, in addition to representatives of the press – was also present – a considerable number of fans also gathered, and some lucky ones were able to enter the press conference. Their excitement is understandable: quite a lot of people are wondering how Andy Fletcher will continue after his death.

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