The contractor collected the money to build houses, but he no longer wanted to build them – KecsUP

The contractor collected the money to build houses, but he no longer wanted to build them – KecsUP
The contractor collected the money to build houses, but he no longer wanted to build them – KecsUP

The company that concluded construction contracts for the construction of family houses is the one that did not, or only partially, carry out the construction, thereby causing hundreds of millions of forints in damage.

The company, which was operating regularly until 2021, had payment problems, so it was unable to complete the construction of the family houses undertaken in the commission. Despite the indebtedness, they concluded additional construction contracts and collected the necessary construction costs from the customers. They did this without intending to do the job.

Lieutenant Bence Pozsár, chief investigator of the economic protection subdivision of the Kecskemét Police Department, said that the first report was received on May 15. The victim paid the amount necessary for the construction of the house, but even after a year, the contractors did not start work, so the suspicion of fraud arose.

The economic protection sub-department investigated whether a similar case had occurred in the country, and after combining the cases, there were 11 victims of the case. There were those who paid the entire amount of the construction in advance, but the majority of them paid the company an advance of HUF 3-8 million. The construction did not start, there was a time when the price of the roof was also requested and the foundation was not even available. The victims were not only among the customers, in some cases even the suppliers were not paid, where the construction had already started.

The victims only had contact with 37-year-old R. József, who was questioned by the police as a suspect. However, the clients never met the managing director of the company, K. Attila (42), even though he signed the contract in all cases. He used the amount collected from the victims, to which only Attila K. had access, to settle the company’s debts, and also transferred it to his own bank account several times.

In addition to the 11 victims, seven more came forward, the value of the damage being HUF 118 million. The search for additional victims is currently ongoing. Based on the account reservation, the number of victims may be between 25 and 30, and the value of the damage may reach more than HUF 200 million. The court ordered the arrest of R. József and K. Attila on November 9. They are suspected of the crime of 10 counts of fraud committed in a business-like manner for a significant value and fraud committed for a larger value.


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