A special book tells about the history of Videoton


11/21/2023, Tuesday, 14:58

Five decades, so many personal memories, milestones, a real historical imprint – a book about the history of Videoton in Kaposvár. The volume “From Izzó to Videoton” was presented at the company on Tuesday. At the event, Mayor Károly Szita donated a commemorative flag to the company.

On 432 pages, around 800 illustrations and countless stories tell about the first fifty years of Videoton in Kaposvár. – The idea comes from senior director András Gerber, since he started working for the company in 1971. In other words, his fifty years merge with the company’s first fifty years. So much has happened in the last five decades, a lot of new technologies have become established, she didn’t want all of this to be lost – Diána Csornai-Kovács, the editor of the volume, recalls the circumstances of the creation of the book.

The volume consists of three large parts, covering the most important eras of the company. – We separated the Tungsram, MKBE, and Videoton eras. We conducted eighty interviews, mainly with retired colleagues, as we got closer to the events of the past. In addition to the historical overview, the book also includes personal experiences, says Diána Csornai-Kovács.

At the event, mayor Károly Szita drew a parallel between the history of Kaposvár and Videoton. – There were difficult periods in the life of the city and the company, but we learned from the former mayor of the settlement, György Vétek Kaposvári, that one should never give up and that there is a way out even from the greatest hopelessness. For us, the 2008 crisis, the epidemic, the energy crisis and the war were like that. We survived all this, and the decade behind us is Kaposvár’s most successful 10 years since Trianon.

At the event, the city manager also recalled his personal memories of Videoton, stating that he himself worked for the company in Kaposvár as a high school student. Károly Szita – in recognition of Videoton’s decisive role in the life of Kaposvár – also handed over the city’s jubilee commemorative flag, which was thanked by executive director Levente Pálca.

Speaking about the future, managing director Fábián Balázs said: he is confident that this book is only the first, and that more volumes will be published about the successful Videoton.

Senior director András Gerber, deputy general manager Mihály Tunkli, and the authors of the book, Attila Czene, Diána Csornai-Kovács, Zoltán Nagy and Béla Puskás, were present at the presentation of the book.

Author: Gyöngyvér Báthory

Photographer: Róbert Benke

The article is in Hungarian

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