The little girl in love was forced into prostitution

The little girl in love was forced into prostitution
The little girl in love was forced into prostitution

According to the essence of the indictment, the 15-year-old victim was raised by his grandparents, and because of his high school studies, he stayed in a dormitory during the week and at home on weekends. Because of his family circumstances, the victim really wanted love. In July 2022, the victim met the 18-year-old defendant, with whom she quickly fell in love. By the beginning of October 2022, the man made the little girl believe that he was extremely in love with her and planned to live together with her in Budapest. As a result, the victim decided one day not to go to the dormitory, but ran away to his friend, with whom they traveled to Budapest two days later to live there.

The defendant’s intention was to persuade the victim to work as a prostitute and to keep her from doing so. The accused asked his cousin and his partner for accommodation in downtown Budapest, and then told the victim that she would only have to work as a prostitute until she found a suitable job.

The defendant, as well as her cousin and her partner, took photos of the victim in loose clothing, which they tried to use to post a sexual ad on the Internet, but to no avail, so the defendants sent the victim to the street to perform prostitution there. That night, the victim had a guest who paid him HUF 6,000, which went to the defendants. The next day, the defendants placed another ad on the Internet, which no longer featured photos of the little girl, but of the female defendants, and then the man who applied for the ad paid the victim HUF 20,000 for sexual services. When the victim’s grandparents found out that their grandson was not at the dormitory, they started looking for him, and the victim went home to his grandparents.

The prosecutor’s office accuses all three defendants of the crime of classified human trafficking, a crime punishable by 5-15 years in prison according to the law. The fact that violence and threats were not used against the victim does not absolve the defendants from responsibility either, because the crime was already committed by persuading them to engage in prostitution.

If the defendants confess at the preparatory meeting and do not request a trial, then according to the prosecution, the two men should each be sentenced to 7 years in prison, while the woman who contributed to the creation of the ad should be sentenced to 2 years in prison, the execution of which should be suspended for 5 years. – can be read on the website.

The attached photo shows one of the internet conversations between the victim and the accused who seduced her.


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