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Traffic police news from Bács-Kiskun county:

See and be seen! Pedestrians are the most vulnerable participants in traffic. Let’s pay attention to them so that they also get home safely.

In the past week, 2,088 registered people exceeded the speed limit. Perpetrators of violations must pay an administrative fine of at least HUF 39,000. The two drivers who drove 114 km/h and 118 km/h in a residential area can expect a much larger fine.

On the public roads of Bács-Kiskun county, there were 72 accidents that required police action in one week. The uniformed officers certified 30 drivers who consumed alcohol before driving. 5 of them caused an accident.

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The traffic police specialists of the Bács-Kiskun County Police Headquarters draw the attention of road users every week to the fact that everyone must adapt to the changed visibility in order to avoid accidents. People are asked to follow our advice so that pedestrians can also feel safe:

  • Drivers should always choose the speed of their vehicle taking into account the road, visibility and weather conditions.
  • Motorists should approach designated pedestrian crossings with special attention, paying extra attention to the times of the day when the traffic lights are not working!
  • Motorists should check their car’s light signaling equipment, thereby improving their visibility!
  • Pedestrians should always make sure before entering the roadway that they can cross safely without endangering themselves or others. Pedestrians are at great risk when driving in limited visibility conditions. Dark clothing contributes to the danger if they do not wear a visibility vest outside of a residential area, and thus they almost completely blend into the environment. Always be visible!
  • Drivers of vehicles should approach designated pedestrian crossings with extra caution. Eye contact helps a lot to make it clear to everyone: who is doing what!

Source, photos: police.hu

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