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Index – Inland – Somogy hunters can’t shoot enough wild boars, they can be fined

Index – Inland – Somogy hunters can’t shoot enough wild boars, they can be fined
Index – Inland – Somogy hunters can’t shoot enough wild boars, they can be fined

Since last season, table settings have decreased from 23,000 to 14,000, but this is still not enough; the herd must still be grazed, as the African swine fever is getting closer to Hungary’s borders. In the summer, the disease also reared its head in Croatia.

Headmaster Zsolt Neszményi stated at the trophy meeting in Lábod that those companies that do not meet the required annual benchmarks can expect to be fined, Sonline wrote.

The National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) told the news portal’s question that three hunters who are authorized to hunt can expect to be fined, but at the same time, the office ordered sampling of all wild boars shot along the border and sending them for ASP inspection, as well as an increased search for carcasses.

Nébih also revealed that those entitled to hunt in the county of Somogy met only sixty percent of the prescribed numbers in the last hunting year.

There aren’t enough wild boars

Achieving launch targets is often difficult due to the nature of the area. Zoltán Udvaros, president of the Látrány and Bonny hunting associations according to him, however, it is not only because of the regional characteristics, but also because “there aren’t as many pigs as they should shoot”. In addition, there were problems with reproduction due to the proliferation of the golden jackal, added Zoltán Udvaros.

“There can be 0.5 wild boars per hundred hectares, currently this number is 2.5 in our country. Unfortunately, we do everything in vain to tame the herd if the pigs come from other areas,” Gábor Kovács, president of the Somogyi Hármashatár Vadasztársaság, told Sonline.

“We should shoot 124 pigs in one year, we have never shot so many in one year in thirty years. The breeding of the herd started four years ago, when we shot 122, but last year and before that we could not do more than 75-80. Defense can only be successful if everyone takes an equal part in the reduction,” said Zsolt Mátyás, professional hunter of the Kerner Drávamenti Hunting Association.

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