We welcomed the governor of Rotary Hungary

We welcomed the governor of Rotary Hungary
We welcomed the governor of Rotary Hungary

She studied in the United States, worked in Scotland, toured Europe, and even traveled to tropical Africa and Asia: in the person of Erzsébet Kovácsné Gila, a world-viewing and broad-minded governor who speaks impeccable English is at the head of Rotary Hungary. In addition, he is full of energy, as evidenced by the fact that there is hardly a day when he does not visit a local Rotary club here or there in the country. He recently visited the headquarters of Tolna county, getting detailed information about the activities of the Rotary Club Szekszárd, and at the same time informing the membership about the tasks awaiting the organization in the near future.

The authority of Rotary is indicated by the fact that the governor was also received by the deputy mayor at the town hall, where they discussed new opportunities for fruitful cooperation so far and, no doubt, in the future. Erzsébet Kovácsné Gila, although she is from Csongrád – she previously served as president of the Szentes-Csongrád Rotary Club – is no stranger to our narrower homeland. Last month he also visited Szekszárd, and two years ago he participated in the International Family Day event of the Rotary Club of Szekszárd in Kölesd. As part of his current visit, he was also a welcome guest in our editorial office, the governor was accompanied by dr. András Murzsa, member of RC Szekszárd and regional deputy governor Pál Szrnka.

In the teol.hu podcast, Erzsébet Kovácsné Gila looks back on her career, gives an overview of the domestic Rotary activities and gives an idea of ​​the achieved results and new objectives. Along with this, of course, he also gives an assessment of the Szekszárd team.

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