The Garda Festival in Tihany attracted crowds again this year – with photos

The Garda Festival in Tihany attracted crowds again this year – with photos
The Garda Festival in Tihany attracted crowds again this year – with photos

The main patron of the crowd-attracting event was the parliament member Károly Kontrát, the guest of honor was Mohács, the patrons were Gábor Pávkovics, Mohács and Imre Tósoki, the mayor of Tihany, reported

One of the highlights of the festival was the roasting of garda on Visszhang Hill, where, according to tradition, the representatives of the village guardians seared each fish seventy-two times so that even the tiniest gills were cooked through, and then the garda were strung on an organ stick, as this is how the original flavor of the fish remains, then it was rolled in a salt and red pepper coat.

According to tradition, the guests were welcomed at the boat station on Saturday, November 18, by the artist Miklós Vestztergám, along with Gábor Pávkovics, the mayor of Mohács and the deputy mayor of Tihany, János Varró.

On the ship, the leaders of Mohács and Tihany praised the importance of the festival, which commemorates the fishermen. The mayor of Mohács, the southernmost settlement on the Danube in our country, pointed out that people also lived from fishing at that time, so the past of the two settlements is similar.

In the meantime, groom Tibor Titz talked about the importance of the garda in his usual tasteful, humorous style. It attracted a lot of interest when they lit the grape juice and fried the fish to a crisp, which sold out in no time. People from all over the country were mainly interested in fish dishes in the bakeries and restaurants in the area.

Later, the Garda statue was wreathed on the beach with the participation of the Balatonfüred City Concert Wind Band. It was a beautiful event, when the fish was received in ceremonial circumstances at the boat station, and then mayor Imre Tósoki and deputy mayor János Varró took the fish in a wooden pot on a bed of plants in an extremely ornate procession, accompanied by wine orders from the country, to the Bencés Abátság, where Richárd Korzenszky emeritus slash blessed it together with the new wine. In his speech, he highlighted, among other things, unity, love, humanity and the importance of family.

The popularity of the festival is indicated by the fact that the commemorative fish soup and fish dish cooking competition organized in memory of master chef and confectioner Benke László was not even announced, even so more than thirty teams from all over the country signed up for it and cooked excellent food on Visszhang Hill on Sunday, November 19.

The organizers, Tihanyi Legenda Kft. and Németh László Cultural Center and Library, in addition to the gastronomic offer, also took care of extremely rich programs matching the event, organized a wine list opening, and especially thought of families and children. For example, the Balaton Limnology Research Institute (BLKI) held an interactive presentation, and a playground was brought from Badacsony. The educational and educational institutions of the peninsula held a charity bazaar entitled Street of Civil Tastes.

Among others, the Nyirettyű and Alma bands, the Tihany Ladies’ Choir, Mohács performed an excellent show, and many went to the retro disco.

The festival actually started on Friday evening, November 17, when Péter Bakos and the Tihany Fishing Association (THE) received the Pro Tihany award from Mayor Imre Tósoki for their outstanding work.

The festival was supported by the local government, Tihanyi Legenda Kft., Balatoni Halgazdákólsi Nonprofit Zrt. (BHNp Zrt.), Vinitores Tychonienses Borlovagrend and OTP Bank.

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