They are collecting HUF 80 million for an ultrasound machine

They are collecting HUF 80 million for an ultrasound machine
They are collecting HUF 80 million for an ultrasound machine

Similar to domestic conditions, the trend in our region is that couples conceive children at an older age, and therefore face increasing health risks, which often makes it impossible or reduces the chances of natural childbearing. We are launching a campaign, the main message of which is the widespread dissemination and awareness of knowledge about fertility among women. Our goal is to make people aware of the possibilities inherent in positive family planning and to promote the early recognition of infertility.

Árpád Kallai, the director general of the Hódmezővásárhelyi-Makó Health Care Center, announced at a press conference on Monday.

A questionnaire survey is also organized

The base of the project is the local obstetrician-gynecology specialists and the Health Development Offices in Vásárhely and Makó. Their colleagues, who have been prepared for the task, will hold cycle training in educational institutions, which will help to recognize abnormal endocrinological status. In this way, the affected ladies can consult a specialist in time in order to avoid infertility by performing the necessary interventions.

In addition to the trainings, a questionnaire survey is also planned, in which you can participate on a voluntary basis. The questionnaires are evaluated by specialists, and if necessary, those ladies whose condition requires any kind of intervention are sent for a specialist examination.

Doctors participating in the training are supported with scholarships

In addition, as part of the prenatal care, we plan to carry out fetal screening tests in the organization of our institution. This primarily requires well-trained, experienced and properly licensed ultrasound specialists. Specialists who already have ultrasound skills take part in a 6-month further training, with the involvement of domestic and foreign specialists. For this, the hospital is building a scholarship system

said Árpád Kallai.

For the accurate diagnosis of the screening tests, the health care institution plans to purchase a high-end ultrasound device, which can be used to recognize the smallest deviations and detect fetal and maternal risk factors in time. The entire program costs nearly HUF 120 million, of which the ultrasound diagnostic device costs nearly HUF 80 million. The implementation of the program is planned in cooperation with the Szent-Györgyi Albert Clinical Center of the University of Szeged, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic.

Charity programs are organized

In order to obtain the financial resources necessary for the implementation of the program, the hospital organizes an almost annual collection and charity campaign in the Vásárhely and Makó regions. Among other things, the choir of the Bethlen high school will perform on December 12, a Charity Full Body training will be organized on the 16th, and those who wish to support the campaign will be invited to a Bejgli run on the penultimate day of the year. In January, they also collect money for the program at the doctor’s ball. In addition, they are also looking for applications from civil organizations that would support the good cause with any kind of charitable event.

Private individuals are also expected to donate to the Hódmezővásárhely and Makó Public Foundation for our Élétünkért-Egészségénkért to account number 11600006-00000000-26633882 at ERSTE Bank.

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