Halas lace can receive EU geographical indication protection

Halas lace can receive EU geographical indication protection
Halas lace can receive EU geographical indication protection

According to the announcement, according to the Regulation on the Protection of Geographical Indications for EU Handicraft and Industrial Products, which entered into force on November 16, it will be possible for agricultural products to also obtain protection in the EU for handiwork and industrial products whose production is closely related to certain geographical areas. is bound. In addition, the names of products from countries outside the EU may also receive uniform protection.

As it was reported: according to EU regulations, many Hungarian agricultural products, such as peaches from Budaörs, sausages from Csaba and Gyula, peppers from Kalocsa, onions from Makó, pumpkin seed oil from Łárség, wine from Tokaj are currently protected by geographical indications, but agricultural products have so far not been able to receive uniform EU protection. Until now, producers had to rely on the national rules of each member state and had to look for legal options to protect the name of their products against infringement.

– From December 1, 2025, the protection of the names of handicraft and industrial products that meet the necessary requirements can be requested with a single application for a geographical indication covering all member states – the announcement quoted Farkas Szabolcs, President of the National Office of Intellectual Property, who added: producers of industrial products can use the official logo of the protected geographical indication on their products.

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