The consultation forms are arriving – Politics – News

The consultation forms are arriving – Politics – News
The consultation forms are arriving – Politics – News

In the latest consultation, the government asks people’s opinions on eleven questions. The topics concern the utility allowance, the interest rate cap, the extra profit tax, and the subsidies provided by Brussels to Palestinian organizations.

The letter also asks about EU support for Ukraine, the child protection law and the fact that they want to influence Hungarian politics with money sent from overseas.

The deadline for sending completed questionnaires is January 10, 2024.

The questionnaires of the national consultation will be delivered by a postman in Budapest on November 17, 2023. At the consultation entitled “Protection of our Sovereignty”, the government is asking people’s opinions on eleven questions. MTI/Attila Kovács

Regarding the opinion request form head of the Nézőpont Institute, Mráz Ágoston Sámuel he said in Kossuth radio’s Sunday Newspaper program: Brussels is trying to take away the sovereignty of the member states, but the national consultation sends a very strong message to the European Union, because it gives democratic authority when millions support the government’s position.

According to the analyst, there are enough public opinion polls, but there is less of a national consultation, which has much more power at the negotiating table.

“The governing parties will start touring the country from Monday, the goal is to personally convince as many people as possible to participate in the national consultation” – and this the communications director of Fidesz, István Hollik he said on Sunday in a video message uploaded to his social media page:

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