That is why the town hall of Miskolc turned blue

That is why the town hall of Miskolc turned blue
That is why the town hall of Miskolc turned blue

– In the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, I am the Unicef ​​speaker who holds a school session on children’s rights on today’s world day. The purpose of this is for the students to get an idea of ​​what their rights are and how well they are fulfilled.

A playful wake-up call

Violation of children’s rights is a national, even global phenomenon, unfortunately there is an example of it in our county as well.

– There are many children in our school whose rights are violated either within the family or in their private lives, which is why we consider it important to talk to them about this topic. At the beginning of the lesson, I gave a little information about the work of Unicef, and then we watched a video about the life of a little girl. We discussed this with the department from the point of view of which rights of the main character were violated. In the second half of the lesson, we played interactively with a pack of cards listing children’s rights. During the game, they had to choose which rights are the most important and we talked about how they appear in their lives. I am very happy that the students were interested in the topic. I am confident that I will be able to hold a similar wake-up call every year – said the instructor.

Education, fundraising

UNICEF is the child welfare organization of the United Nations, which is present in more than 190 countries around the world. The aim of the organization is to ensure that children’s rights are enforced everywhere in the world. They have the right to protection, education and health. As the domestic representative of one of the largest children’s rights organizations, Unicef ​​Hungary primarily collects donations to help children suffering from severe malnutrition, who lack clean drinking water, who live in the midst of conflict or in areas affected by natural disasters. In addition, it operates child protection programs: for the fulfillment of disadvantaged children, against child abuse and child trafficking, for emphasizing the opinions of the youngest children, and for their well-being – read on Unicef ​​Hungary’s website.

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