Changing of the guard: old player takes on a role at MVLC

Changing of the guard: old player takes on a role at MVLC
Changing of the guard: old player takes on a role at MVLC

Olivér Hornyák will first become department head, and then professional director at PannErgy-MVLC from the summer of 2024.

András Bachner has been present in water polo in Miskolc for about two and a half decades, and the structure of the MVLC is largely to his name. The club’s professional director feels that the moment has come to hand over the baton. To whom? To Olivér Hornyák, who jumped into the pool in 143 league matches between 2015 and 2021 in the OB I team of the county seat.
– This is not a new idea on my part, and neither is the negotiation with our former water polo player, we have been talking about this for three years already – I am not getting any younger either, I am 72 years old, so on the one hand this is the reason why a change of guard has to happen. The other: for me, it is very important that the club structure and professional work I built should be continued by a person who primarily has a serious professional connection to the sport, and by the way, Olivér was the U18 world champion in 2014. He was at the service of the club for six years, and water polo was not just someone who came in from the street, which can be very subjective from this point of view, rightfully so. After many discussions, he gladly accepted the task. Which starts on January 1, with him becoming the head of the department, and next summer, after the end of the championship, I intend to hand over the professional management of the club to him, that is, from then on he will hold the title of professional director. Frankly, half a year is not enough for you to have a complete and comprehensive view of everything related to the profession and the relationship system outside of the profession, so I, after the so-called step back, take on the role of professional consultant-club manager and liaison. This can make Oliver’s job easier. This decision of mine will surely have critics who will regret it, but like every circuit, it has two poles, and there is the layer that sighs that, “Finally, Bachner doesn’t hold the entire club management in his teeth!” Those who read this they will, they can know for themselves

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