Robots help to make people love reading in Miskolc

Robots help to make people love reading in Miskolc
Robots help to make people love reading in Miskolc

He also said that it is not enough to emphasize that every professional day draws attention to reading and learning. “Our main objective is to bring children closer to reading with robotics, since the essence of this technique is that stories can be displayed with different robots,” he explained.

Enjoyable for children

He also pointed out that children really enjoy these programs because these robots enhance the reading experience. “With the help of robotics parts, figures and scenes can be brought to life, so the interpretation of the plot and its cause-and-effect relationships come to the fore. The kit is excellent for the implementation of projects: the detailed processing of the text, the search for background information related to it, the integration of the physical and IT knowledge required for the robotic solution, and then the linking of the “brought to life” details provide the content arc of the project,” he said. He also pointed out that the purpose of the tool package is to develop children’s interest in reading and text comprehension skills in the attractive and exciting world of robotics. “The colorful building blocks of the set are excellent for ‘world building’ – for modeling and visual representation of locations, figures, or even landscapes of fiction, history or even educational texts,” he said.

It is also suitable for group tasks

The use of the tool package gives students who perform poorly in terms of text comprehension, but at the same time have better abilities and skills in the field of technical knowledge and IT, the opportunity to take an active, forward-moving role in class. In the case of a homogeneous group assignment, based on the length and difficulty of the texts given to each group, there is a greater opportunity for talent development or catch-up. The use of the tool package also promotes the strengthening of many other IT competences: we can introduce students to software solutions that can be used for joint work, sharing content, recording text fragments brought to life, and presenting the project.
Abacusan Stúdió, an accredited excellent talent point, in addition to its own practice, which has been developing for many years, also combines the experiences of its constantly expanding network of partner schools in its thematics, which have already benefited from the support of the National Talent Program on several occasions. The purpose of the further training is for teachers interested in the interdisciplinary application of digital pedagogical methods and robotics to develop multifaceted, cognitive, intra- and interpersonal competencies to prepare for the use of the Abacusan-ArTeC tool packages.

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