Hungary sent one hundred ventilators to Ukraine

Hungary sent one hundred ventilators to Ukraine
Hungary sent one hundred ventilators to Ukraine

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2023-11-20 21:42:00

Presumably, they were shipped to the occupied country from the gigantic stock acquired during the epidemic.

Hungary handed over 100 ventilators to Ukraine, the head of the Lviv Regional Military Directorate announced, according to the Ukrainian news agency Interfax.

Maksym Kozicky informed that the equipment was immediately forwarded to various medical institutions: it reached Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya, and Donetsk region, among others. One of the devices is already in operation in the hospital of the Lemberg area, where it helps soldiers, veterans, or even civilians injured in the war to recover. According to the official, this means significant support for the intensive care units.

– said Kozickij.

Although the announcement does not address it, the Hungarian government probably donated some of the 16-17 thousand pieces of equipment to Ukraine that were acquired during the epidemic. The Hungarian state spent three hundred billion forints on the devices, the vast majority of which were never used – most of them are currently gathering dust in warehouses.

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