HVG: French fuel may arrive at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant

HVG: French fuel may arrive at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
HVG: French fuel may arrive at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant

According to the newspaper, the government’s new proposal may prepare the use of French nuclear fuel in Paks, although they previously denied that this was the case.

According to the government’s decision proposal submitted a few days ago, in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant

“new, alternative fuel from a different manufacturer can also be used”

– highlights hvg.hu from the text of the document. THE Csaba Luntos The proposal on amending the national policy for the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste, put forward by the Minister of Energy, will be discussed by the parliament on Tuesday.

According to the proposal, “it is not possible to satisfy the growing electricity consumption with power plants based purely on natural gas and other fossil fuels, or using purely renewable sources: stable, domestic electricity production is needed in power plants that operate safely and reliably as basic power plants, and are produced domestically and cost-effectively the energy” The Paks Nuclear Power Plant is such a basic power plant, which is why it was previously decided to extend its operating time, according to the proposal, which continues as follows:

“It is a new circumstance that the nuclear power plant may also use new, alternative fuel from a different manufacturer, especially during its extended operating time.”

The French nuclear energy company Framatome previously confirmed to the newspaper that the topics of fuel supply, related nuclear materials and long-term operation were part of the memorandum of understanding signed with the Hungarian Ministry of Energy in September. Back in September, Telex wrote that Viktor Orban at the meeting in Kötcs, he spoke about the government’s goal of energy self-sufficiency, part of which is for Paks to operate with French fuel instead of Russian. Norbert KonkolyHungary’s ambassador to Russia the next day denied to the Russian news agency TASSSZ that the prime minister had said such a thing.

hvg.hu notes that the French company is already working on the development, but a quick, practical solution is considered to be possible only over several years, however Lantos’ proposal already covers “fuel from an alternative manufacturer”.

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