The most important news of the day in one place – November 20, 2023.

The most important news of the day in one place – November 20, 2023.
The most important news of the day in one place – November 20, 2023.

The Saint Nicholas Day wine competition is considered one of the first competitions for new wines. This measurement is nothing more than a sample of the rosé wines that are very popular in our country. We asked the main organizer János Filus, the vice president of the Kunság wine region, about the current competition.

The investigators have closed the investigation into the case of the woman from Semi-Church who robbed just for a couple of shampoos.

Last weekend, the Hungarian Food Bank Association’s traditional fundraising campaign took place, during which volunteers from associations and foundations cooperating with the organization collected donations in more than 150 towns and more than 350 stores in the country. The Mélykúti Association of the Disabled collected a total of 1,430 kilograms of non-perishable food in the Tesco store in Kiskunhalas in three days.

Kunszentmiklós spent nearly two hundred and sixty million forints on the development of the inland rainwater management system. The investment was realized with a grant from the county’s Settlement and Territorial Development Operative Program (TOP).

Three Hungarians have also been added to the Most Wanted page, which lists the most wanted criminals in Europe.

The technological development of the plastic waste recycling plant in Kunszentmiklós has been successfully completed. The investment was realized within the framework of the Economic Development and Innovation Operative Program Plusz.

The managers of the companies that founded their businesses during the regime change will soon reach retirement age. Today, the issue of company succession is becoming more and more relevant. The Bács-Kiskun County Chamber of Commerce and Industry has so far presented several companies in the columns of the Economic Window, where the founders of the companies trained their future successors. The well-known Font Winery in Soltvadkert is also one of the successful examples.

The church in Kecskemét is less known, but its history hides a lot of interesting things.

Shoeboxes full of gifts are collected for needy children in Nagykőrös.

On November 20, the cooperation agreement between Power Belt Kft. and Neumann János University was officially signed.

The Benkó Zoltán Leisure Center will soon open a new playground.

The city of Kecskemét is also preparing for winter, but we have collected exciting programs for the last full week of November as well.

The Kalocsa police are looking for a thief.

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