The weekend fundraising campaign of the food bank has ended

The weekend fundraising campaign of the food bank has ended
The weekend fundraising campaign of the food bank has ended

The Christmas fundraising campaign of the Magyar Élélmiszerbank Egyesület ended with near-record results over the weekend: 342,000 kilograms of non-perishable food was collected at the event, which took place in 153 settlements and 356 stores across the country, thanks to the donations.

After last year’s decline, 42 percent more offers were received this year, thus approaching the record of 348,000 kilograms achieved in 2021, the association told MTI on Monday.

They wrote that the increase was also due to the fact that donations were accepted in thirty more stores this year than last year, and that the offering of flour and sugar, which traditionally comes in large quantities, was not hampered this year by a quantity limit. However, the most important reason for the increase was clearly the increasing willingness of the population to donate, among them the youth and the retired age group proved to be the most supportive, they added.

From the donations, the food bank, with the help of 6,500 volunteers, assembles and delivers 68,000 food packages to the needy – they emphasize in the announcement.

This year, the largest number of offers came in Budapest and the Pest county, as the largest number of stores are located in this region. The counties of Komárom-Esztergom, Vas, Heves and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg follow in the ranking.

Among the products handed over, flour was the most popular at 20 percent, but tens of thousands of kilograms of sugar, pasta, cooking oil and rice were also received. At the same time, the quantity of long-life milk, canned food and baby food decreased, the announcement states.

They wrote that the supporters can be sure that their donations help the local people. The food bank delivers the collected food to the needy in the run-up to the holidays and in the coldest weeks of January with the help of charitable organizations operating in the vicinity of individual stores.

Mainly elderly people, large families, family support services and children’s homes, disabled people, homeless people and residents of the country’s most backward settlements will benefit from the 3-5 kilogram packages – read the announcement.

According to the information, the fundraising will continue on online platforms as well. Tesco’s Otthonról service offers the opportunity to donate until November 30. On their website, you can buy donation packages between HUF 1,000 and HUF 5,000 for needy families.

In addition, Tesco offers 20 percent of the value of the food collected at the weekend in the form of a monetary donation, which also contributes to the food bank’s year-round food rescue work, they add.

In addition to the 68,000 food packages compiled from the weekend sale, the association wants to deliver 500,000 donation packages to the needy in the last two months of the year, which they can provide primarily by collecting products that are close to their expiration date and have defective packaging.

Volunteers are also welcome for the day-to-day food rescue, as well as support from private individuals and companies, the announcement states.

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